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Aura Imaging Systems – A Brief Introduction


If you intend to become a professional aura reader, you’ve probably looked at the aura cameras and aura imaging systems available in the market for your venture. These are the latest tools of the trade and will help you get the most accurate aura readings for your clients.

Aura cameras are more well-known and popular, and that’s mostly because of their price as just they are more affordable. Aura imaging systems have a higher price tag but they are more sophisticated systems. Here’s a brief introduction to the various aspects of the imaging systems.

  1. Camera

An aura-sensitive camera is a part of every aura imaging system. It’s a device that captures the image and transfers it to the computer for the software to asses. This camera must be of high-quality because that would ensure the resultant aura image is very clear and vivid. Most modern aura imaging systems have a video camera along with HD or 3D image capture capability. This allows aura readers to capture a more detailed image of the aura and deliver the most accurate readings to their clients. It’s vital to ensure that you have a good camera from a well-established company.

  1. Hand Biosensor

While the camera captures the image of the aura, the hand biosensor senses it and transfers the data to the computer. This is one of the most important components of the aura imaging system because it offers great accuracy in readings. Your clients just need to place their hand on the sensors. The device will safely read the energy that surrounds the client’s body and distinguish the different levels of output. Modern sensors are very accurate so they will help you get the most accurate readings as well.

  1. Software

Most aura imaging systems manufacturers will provide software along with the devices mentioned above. These devices just can’t function without software to translate the raw data into something that can be read, seen, and understood. You shouldn’t be surprised if you receive a software bundle with around 5 to 10 programs in it. Different programs interpret the data captured by the camera and sensor. Some companies will even provide software to help you manage your clients and print out aura reports. The aura imaging system will include everything that you need to run an aura reading business.

  1. Manual and Instructions

All aura imaging systems will come with a comprehensive manual and user guide. This paperwork will include the warranty information, maintenance and care instructions, and a guide on how to use the system. You will also receive the customer care information of the manufacturer so you can contact them if you have any problems or concerns. It’s a good idea to store the manuals and user guides in a safe and easily accessible place.

As you can see, aura imaging systems are more sophisticated and comprehensive than a single aura camera. They’re a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about aura reading as your career.