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chakra system

What Is The Chakra System?

Chakra is the latest buzzword in the spiritual healing and aura-related fields. While the concept might seem new to you, it has been around for hundreds of years and is a part of the ancient Indian healing and spiritual system. Most people don’t realize that...

aura myths

3 Common Aura Myths

Aura is a hotly debated topic because most people don’t believe it exists and love to argue with people who do. They don’t explore the topic and concept of aura in depth and therefore don’t have enough knowledge to understand the difference between misconception and...

chakras and aura differences

The Difference Between Chakras And Auras

It’s easy to become confused about the concepts of aura and chakra, and use them interchangeably. In fact, many experts online seem to do that as well and that can mislead people who want to know more about them. While auras and chakras are connected,...


How To Take Aura Photos

The quality of the aura photos determine the quality of the reading itself. If the aura photographs are shot well, the colors will stand out and be very clear. This will allow the aura readers to examine them closely and arrive at the best conclusions....


Where to Purchase an Aura Reading Machine

Reading machines are the latest in aura sensing and reading technology. They faithfully sense and capture a person’s aura and transfer the information to a software for processing. A good reading machine includes a camera, a biofeedback sensor, and software systems to process and translate...

Why Should You Get Your Aura Photographed

Why Should You Get Your Aura Photographed?

It’s natural to be a little bit skeptical about aura and aura photography. It’s a very different and intangible concept and most modern people don’t believe in mysterious life energies. It doesn’t help that many publications mock aura reading and dismiss it as pseudoscience, despite...


Aura Imaging Systems – A Brief Introduction

If you intend to become a professional aura reader, you’ve probably looked at the aura cameras and aura imaging systems available in the market for your venture. These are the latest tools of the trade and will help you get the most accurate aura readings...

Chakra and Aura Coexist

Do Chakras and Auras Coexist?

Most people believe in either auras or chakra, but not in both. Some assume that both these concepts are the same thing but that’s not the case. Chakras and auras are actually different but interconnected concepts and they do coexist within the body. If both...


What You Should Know About Aura Video Cameras

Aura reading is a booming field because people have started to believe in natural healing methods. They understand how effective things like yoga, tai chi, meditation, etc, are and incorporate them into their routine. Aura reading and photography has also experienced a surge in interest...


What You Need to Know About Human Aura Photography

Aura reading has become a very popular matter of discussion in the past few years. Even people who don’t believe in aura reading are curious about it and want to know more. Unfortunately, there are many articles and blog posts online that try to explain...