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2019 fall equinox

2019 Fall Equinox: When and How to Celebrate

The 2019 fall equinox is coming up, on September 23. But what is an equinox, and what can you do if you want to celebrate? What Is an Equinox? The fading of summer is generally marked by the changing colors of leaves, a chill wind in the...

Chakras and auras

Chakras and Auras Aren’t the Same, but They Work Together

It's a common misconception that chakras and auras are two different names for the same energy. That’s simply not true: chakras and auras are different. That said, they are connected, and they can influence each other. Here's everything you need to know. Please note: This article...

How to clear your chakras

How to Clear Your Chakras

According to ancient spiritual beliefs, there are seven major points of energy located within the human body. They run from the base of the spine to the top of the head. These focal points are called chakras. When the chakras are healthy and working in...

Walking meditation

Walking Meditation is One of the Best Things You Can Do

Walking meditation is wonderful. For anyone who's having trouble fitting meditation into their hectic schedule, it can be a game-changer. It's a great mindfulness practice for restless beginners. At the same, it can be a lifelong meditation journey. On top of that, walking meditation is...

How to align chakras

How to Align Chakras for Healing and Wellness

Welcome! This is a basic introduction to the chakra system with some practical tips on how to align chakras. What Are Chakras? Within the human body there are seven points of energy, known as chakras, that span from the base of the spine to the crown of...

How to explain chakras

How to Explain Chakras to Beginners

Have you ever met someone who has never even heard of a chakra? The answer is probably yes. You might not even have known it. Some people are too shy to ask any questions. But sometimes, you happen to be someone's first introduction to the...

Sun aura photo

Sun Aura Photos and What They Tell Us

In a picture of the sun, we can sometimes see a beautiful, spectacular halo surrounding the star. Many people understand that this sun aura results from the light and energy that the sun emits. The sun creates energy using nuclear fusion. Due to the immense pressure in...

Bad aura

Are Dark Aura Colors Bad?

People are often alarmed when they learn how to read auras and chakras and find that their own aura imaging interpretation shows dark, intense colors. Is an aura with dark hues a "bad aura"? In our own experience, it's a bit more nuanced than that. Note: This...