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What is an Aura?

What is an Aura?An aura is a field of energy radiating from all human beings.  The aura is a pure field of energy. It is influenced by what you do, think, where you go & who you meet.   The human body emits many different forms of...

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Energy Work: When It’s Time to Expand

For many energy practitioners, the answer is simple: Choosing energy work is about helping people. We know that natural health solutions give our clients a better life - but when looking to expand your practice or evaluating entering a different area, how do you ensure...


Understanding Kundalini

We know that Kundalini energy is present in all of us. For some, exploring the aura and the chakras are a direct result of a Kundalini awakening-meaning, an experience which may have made a client completely aware of his or her inner self and your...