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What are Aura Colors?

What are Aura Colors?The aura follows the colors of your chakras and will give you an idea of where you are at and what you can do. Keep in mind that there are no "bad" aura colors because we can learn something from each color.The colors...

What is an Aura?

What is an Aura?An aura is a field of energy radiating from all human beings.  The aura is a pure field of energy. It is influenced by what you do, think, where you go & who you meet.   The human body emits many different forms of...

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Energy Work: When It’s Time to Expand

For many energy practitioners, the answer is simple: Choosing energy work is about helping people. We know that natural health solutions give our clients a better life - but when looking to expand your practice or evaluating entering a different area, how do you ensure...


Understanding Kundalini

We know that Kundalini energy is present in all of us. For some, exploring the aura and the chakras are a direct result of a Kundalini awakening-meaning, an experience which may have made a client completely aware of his or her inner self and your...