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How to Have a Healthy Aura and Chakra

It’s essential to maintain a healthy balance in your aura and chakra as they can have a massive impact on your physical, spiritual, and mental stability. When your auras are balanced and your chakras are unblocked, your mind, body, and soul are in near perfect...


Steps to Take to Repair Aura

Most people don’t realize just how much of an impact their aura has on their physical and mental well-being. If there’s an imbalance in the aura, you’ll start to feel listless, depressed, weak, and generally unpleasant. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle as the more...

How Does Your Aura Affect Others

How Does Your Aura Energy Affect Others?

You must’ve noticed that being in the presence of a person who is in a bad mood can have an impact on your mood as well. In fact, most people notice that a person’s bad mood can actually affect the environment of the room and...

aura colors

Dimensions of Aura Colors – Looking Beyond the Surface

Aura colors are very versatile and come in many different hues. Professional readers look beyond the surface color and study the subtle nuances in the hues and shades underneath the most dominant colors. An aura reading expert would never base their judgment on just a surface...

polaroid aura camera

Why You Should Buy A Polaroid Aura Camera

If you intend to start an aura reading business, you might have considered buying an aura camera at least once during the planning stage. Most aura readers hesitate to make the investment because they don’t believe their clients would respond well to a machine. Unfortunately,...

the chakra system

How to Keep Your Chakra Balanced and Clean

An imbalance in the chakra system can have a major impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. If you feel dispirited, unenthusiastic, lack energy, and feel week, there’s a chance that your chakra system isn’t aligned or functioning properly. However, with a few good...

Aura Imaging Camera

Aura Imaging Camera – How to Purchase the Right One

If you’re in the aura reading business, an aura imaging camera can come in handy and take your venture to the next level. It will provide visible proof to your customers and convince them that auras do exist. However, there are many devices available in...

auras and chakras

Steps to Take Before You Get Your Auras and Chakras Examined

In the recent years, there has been increased awareness about auras and chakras. People are more willing to believe in them and use healing methods to cleanse these. The first aura or chakra reading experience can have a significant influence over how newcomers perceive these...

aura photograph

What Do You See When You Look at An Aura Photograph?

An aura photograph is nothing but a pretty picture if you don’t know how to interpret it or can get someone to do it for you. All you’ll see is a series of colors surrounding the image and almost blocking your face from view. Most...

Rainbow people - rainbow silhouettes of human aura

Aura Reading Test – Do Online Tests Work?

When you search the phrase aura reading test online, you’ll find several articles and questionnaires that proclaim they’ll help determine your aura. You’ll be asked several questions; and based on the answers to those questions, you’ll be told what kind of aura you possess. People...