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aura photo camera

Why Should You Purchase an Aura Photography Camera?

If you’re in the aura reading business, you’ve probably come across sales people trying to convince you that an aura photography camera is a good investment. It’s somewhat surprising that people who actually read aura for a living don’t really believe that it can be read by...

chakra bible aura

The Chakra Bible – The Definitive Guide to Chakra Energy

The knowledge of chakra energy has existed for thousands of years. People have always believed that human beings possess some form of energy that has an influence on their physical, mental, and spiritual well being. The study of chakra is the study of this energy...

aura cleaning

Are You Due for an Aura Cleaning?

Your aura has a major influence on all aspects of your life, even though you might not realize it. If it’s unclean, it can sour the environment around you and impact your loved ones as well. Many people may ignore this because they don’t believe in...

aura picture machine

How to Use and Maintain Your Aura Picture Machine

The aura picture machine is an aura reader’s best tool. It allows them to show their clients just what their aura looks like and where the problems could be. However, if you don’t use or maintain the machine well, you won’t get the most accurate...

Migraine_aura images

All You Need to Know About Migraine Aura Images

Migraines aren’t fun and can be very painful. Many experience excruciating sensitivity to light and nauseating pain that doesn’t go away for hours on end. There’s one kind of migraine that’s especially debilitating and can cause you to see aura images. These migraine aura images (also...

chakra system power

How to Boost Your Chakra System Power

Whether you believe in chakra or not, it has a big influence on your body and mind. If your chakra is strong and balanced, your mind and body are stable. If your chakra is imbalanced, your mind and body aren’t stable and that can lead...

aura image inneractive

How to Understand Your Aura Image

Professionals study aura and its colors for months, if not years, before they start to truly understand it. It takes some thought, knowledge, and perceptiveness to read aura images clearly. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t read your own aura. You might not get the...

aura color meaning

Does Dark Mean Bad?

People are often alarmed when their auras show dark, intense colors. They believe that dark colors are bad and shouldn’t exist in their auras at all. While some dark colors and patches are bad, not all of them are harmful. In fact, some dark aura...

aura photos

How to Capture the Best Aura Photograph

Aura photos are a very accurate depiction of a person’s aura and give you great insight into their personality, their problems, and their general well-being. This allows a skilled aura reader to recommend solutions and give clients the means to become healthier and happier. However,...

aura machine

Is an Aura Machine Effective?

When people are confronted with the concept of an aura machine, they’re sometimes fairly skeptical. At first glance, it looks and sounds like something straight out of sci-fi movies like Star Wars. It’s not uncommon for people to make jokes about the force and Jedi...