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What Does it Take to Be an Aura Reader?

People don’t take an aura reader or the profession seriously so experts in this field have to deal with derision and skepticism regularly. If you’re passionate about your profession and want to stand out in this industry, you need to make sure you’re taken seriously...

aura imaging equipment

Things to Consider Before You Purchase New Aura Imaging Equipment

So, you’ve decided to get into the aura reading business and help others heal. That’s a good idea and it’s certainly a lucrative profession, especially if you’re skilled enough and establish a good reputation. However, not many succeed.There are so many people out there who...

aura camera

What Kind of Maintenance Does Your Aura Camera Need?

Like all digital instruments, your aura camera is delicate and requires careful handling. This is an expensive and intricately designed piece of equipment. If you don’t maintain it well, it will generate faulty results and harm your aura reading business. Regular maintenance is absolutely essential...

chakras and auras

Do Chakras and Auras Work Together?

Most people assume that chakras and auras are two different names of the same energy but that’s simply not true. They’re connected and can influence each other, but they’re not the same. There are seven chakras in our body and all of them have their...

aura photography client nyc

How to Communicate With an Aura Photography Client

When a client walks into your store to get an aura photograph, it’s your job to convince them that it works. Not many believe in aura reading or aura photography. Most just want to experiment and figure out if aura reading is a hoax. Professional...

reading aura

Top Mistakes Made When Reading Auras

Aura reading requires dedication, skill and concentration. It’s a deeply spiritual practice so if you don’t focus well, you might make a mistake and give your client a faulty reading. If you really want to help people and be successful in this profession, you need...

aura photography

How to Start an Aura Photography Business

Aura photography has been around for a long time but people have only just started to sit up and take notice. While modern people are very practical and don’t believe in things without proof, they have become more accepting towards the concepts of auras, chakras,...


How to Find the Right Aura Reader

Aura photography is becoming very popular. People have started to believe in its benefits and want to get the best reading possible. For this to happen, you need to find a great aura reader. An aura reader will be able to analyze your aura photograph and understand...


Aura and Chakra- What’s the Connection?

 It’s not uncommon for people to use the words aura and chakras interchangeably. In fact, people without the right understanding of these concepts often consider these two distinct energies to be one and the same. That’s a misconception. Auras and chakras are quite different, even...


Do Aura Cameras Really Work?

Yes, aura cameras sound little too much like a magic trick to really believe. After all, aura isn’t something that rational people want to believe in. But several things that exist in this world are pretty unbelievable too. Just a few hundred years ago, people actually believed...