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How to Prepare Yourself for an Aura Photography Session

There are a fair number of naysayers out there that participate in an aura photography session just because they want to prove the professional aura healer wrong. They don’t believe in it and will try to discourage others from believing in auras as well. Unfortunately, they...


How to Understand What the Colors in Your Aura Photos Mean

An increasing number of people have started to believe in aura photography. They are willing to ignore the skeptics and try to understand what the concept of an aura is and how it would help them improve their lives. At Inneractive, we actively encourage people...


How to Perform an Aura Cleansing

An aura is the manifestation of your physical, mental, and spiritual energy. It’s connected to your health and can give you clues about the state of your body, mind, and spirit. While it won’t be able to officially diagnose illnesses, it can reveal that something...


How to Read Aura

The ability to read an aura will allow you to understand a person much better. If you can read their aura, you’ll be a better judge of character and would communicate better with the person you are interacting with. The ability to read auras will...

aura crown chakra system

What You Need to Know About the Crown Chakra

Of all the chakras present in your chakra system, the 7th one probably invites the most skepticism. In Sanskrit, it’s known as the Sahasrara and in English, it’s called the Crown. This chakra exists at the very top of the chakra ladder and hovers slightly...


Things to Consider Before Trying Aura Imaging

We live in a world where skepticism is natural. People believe in science and facts; and they disregard anything that sounds even a little bit like pseudoscience. Unfortunately, despite ample scientific evidence, people still believe that aura imaging is pseudoscience.They are very skeptical about aura...

aura reading health

How Does Aura Reading Benefit Your Emotional Health?

When you’re feeling unwell, you go to the doctor, explain your symptoms, get yourself examined, and undergo tests. After the tests are done, the doctor will diagnose your problems from the results of your tests and offer advice. Everyone is familiar with this process and...

Do You Need Aura Healing?

People have long been aware of the existence of auras. You can see proof of this in old paintings, art, and stories. Most people know and understand that all manner of living creatures emit a form of energy that most people can’t see, but a...

Health Benefits of Aura Photography in Los Angeles

 Many people dismiss aura photography in Los Angeles as pseudo science. They don’t consider it a valid field of study and dismiss its benefits as something that can’t be quantified. It’s hard to convince a skeptic that aura photography has some merit, that there is...

Signs that You Might Need Chakra Energy Healing

 Chakra is a part of a very ancient system of knowledge that comes from the same roots as yoga. Yet, people seem more reluctant to accept chakra than they are to accept yoga. Yes, the latter is easier to accept because it showcases positive results...