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A Realist’s Remark on Auras and Chakras

Not everyone can be a believer of everything. We all have our suspicions over many things in the world, and while a lot of conspiracy theorists raise their doubts and theories, thousands more are standing up to contradict them . However, it is not necessary...


How to Choose the Best Equipment for Kirlianography

Kirlianography or Kirlian photography is known by many names because it involves a collection of techniques in capturing aural phenomena or the electrical coronal discharges from both animate and inanimate objects. Applying the photographic techniques from the study of Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian will provide you...


Studying Chakras through an Aura Camera

The study of chakras is as fascinating as it is mysterious. For long, many people have dismissed the practice of chakra healing as something which is not possible. However, due to the sudden craze for eastern methods of healing in the west, many are now...

The Science of Finding Your Aura

Why is it that some people just have that face? One look and you know you can trust them to keep your deepest secrets and listen to you when you’re at your worst. A person’s spiritual energy is not a myth, and when we see...


The Secret to Having a Strong and Balanced Aura

Whenever there are times when you feel like nothing is going right, you usually just chalk it up to having a bad day or maybe even your hormones playing tricks on you; but with the help of modern technology, such as aura cameras by Semyon...


What Are Chakras and How Do They Relate to Aura Cameras?

While there are many parts of the world that have been quick to adopt the principles of natural healing, there are just as many places natural healing has been slow to catch on. In these areas, folks simply don’t understand “chakras” and how vital they...

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How an Aura Camera Can Help Your Wellness Retail Business

As a wellness retailer, you’ve worked hard to find the best products for your customers, ones that will help them to achieve the wellness that they want. However, it’s not always easy to match the right products with the right customers! Also, it can be...


Become a chakra energy healer

With the sudden craze for eastern medicine hitting the west, we have seen more and more energy healers pop up offering an array of healing services. One of the most popular trends is balancing of chakras. A chakra is an energy center or point in...