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Finding the Connection between a Balanced Aura and a Balanced Mind


When we talk about auras and souls, most people take the cynical route and question their existence. How can it be that a living being’s actions and emotions are controlled by an entity which cannot be seen, touched or sensed? But the fact is that it is simply present in our bodies, separate from our minds, speaking to us about what’s right and wrong. Our soul is our subconscious, it is our guiding light; which tells us how we think, makes us question everything and allows us to feel alive. Without a soul, a person would feel the soft wind against their cheek, but would never be able to enjoy it.

Our aura is a further reflection of our inner self. It is the combination of our mind; body and spirit, culminated into a quality which lets others sense our nature even if they’ve never known us before. A step away from the talk of souls, this concept is not entirely unbelievable, and even if one person does not believe in the existence of auras, chakras and souls, they can’t argue with the many instances where people have sensed that a person was about to do something they shouldn’t, just by looking at them, and have then stopped them accordingly.

Our auras are our true selves, and thus, we can use that spiritual representation of our true self to balance our emotions and thinking. A person who is going through a lot of tension and stress will obviously feel unbalanced and would want to get rid of that tension as soon as possible. The discomfort that person is feeling will thus, result in a very uneasy aura. You will not even need to look at the person to understand that their day has gone badly, because you’ll be able to feel it. However, by finding a way to accept that discomfort, we can start the first steps towards creating a better aura, and thus, a better life.

Is Our Soul Balanced Enough?

Our soul can only become balanced if we allow it to, and if we know deep within ourselves that we are capable of it. We may meditate all we like, but unless we actually believe that we can balance out our soul with our bodies, it would be a fruitless effort. Building a connection is not an impossible task, and neither does it involve the use of incense sticks, yoga-centric decorations or hard poses. Even something as simple as a walk in the park can help you clear out your mind and give you balance.

The three levels in our self; Astral, Mental and Etheric are created to give us as much help as possible. As said within a blog, our energy is unique, and these three levels use this energy to bring us more balance and oneness with our true self. So, we need to realize that we can use these levels to our advantage. Our soul is never completely balanced because there is always something that bothers us or irritates us, but if we can take that irksome problem in stride, we will remain more relaxed and happy.

The actual product of a balanced aura is happiness, which is something everyone is after and we cannot deny ourselves the right to be happy, especially when our own spirit is working to provide us with that serenity.

Using Technology to Detect Our Aura

Our auras affect us a lot. Unfortunately, most people do not realize that the reason why they are facing fluctuating moods at certain moments is because their aura is out of tune. A person might start feeling depressed or worried suddenly, even though their life is going smoothly. That’s because their aura is so strong that they actually feel the energy in their surroundings and then absorb it.

We live in a time where a lot of people have seen the worst, but still, some individuals react to things a little differently than the others. Some people don’t feel any different when they hear terrible news, while other people start crying at the sight of a heart-wrenching TV commercial. That’s because their aura is tuned to make them feel that way. Our mind is capable of so much, and using our brain power to harness the energy of our aura is something which most people have already done, and don’t even know it.

Technology has come a long way and has given us many ways to improve our grasp on our aura. For instance, we have aura cameras which can help us detect our aura properly so we know which chakra we can work on. Companies such as Inneractive Enterprises have developed aura cameras which can bring some clarity to those who have problems connecting to their inner self. The reason why we count quality aura cameras as one of the many things which can help us, is because it actually works.

By using a technology known as the Kirlian Camera technology, people can now detect what type of aura they are giving off, and by doing so, are actually able to balance out their thinking, giving themselves a perspective into their own soul. You must also remember that balancing your aura does not bring you any closer to God. You can still balance out your aura, but it won’t help you any, if you don’t improve your own nature and personality. Your aura is a reflection of your true self and if your inner self is secretly hostile, it will show that accordingly.

Finding That Connection

Aura cameras and Kirlian technology aside, the connection between a balanced aura and a balanced mind is something which you can only bring by cleansing yourself of any negative feelings. Nature has always helped us in many ways which we take for granted, one of which is being aware of our aura, so by using the right tools and technology to balance out our auras and chakras, one can bring that connection to the forefront and have it reflect in our energy.

Cleansing our soul is just the first step to a balanced mind and aura, and once we let go of the bad things and negative feelings, and concentrate more on our own importance, we shall discover that the connection of our aura and mind not only reflects our inner self, but it is what represents the importance we feel for our own selves.