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Red Energy Auras & Personalities Explained

red aura

This article is written according to people’s belief in metaphysics.

When analyzing aura photography colors, red auras are known to be associated with passion. This symbolic aura color interpretation is seen across continents and cultures. This color aura is also known to be the most physical one and people with red auras value physicality; this could take the form of exercise, sports, intimate relationships or passion. Reds also possess a very primal nature and respond to things that they are able to see, hold, touch and feel. They are extremely committed to everything they do.

Sometimes, red can be associated with bad aura colors but just as it is possible to channel anger and passion into different directions, a red aura can mean a number of different things. Understanding your red aura will allow you to properly focus the energy that you possess, toward your life goals and give yourself some purpose.

Is There A Link Between Spirituality And Auras?

In order to understand the meaning of your red aura completely, it’s vital to understand the spiritual significance of this color and its various shades. In our body, every color corresponds to various chakras. The color red is associated with the first chakra. An aura is a reflection of our spiritual and physical state; which also means that if your aura is red it is an indication that this is your dominant chakra.

This chakra is also referred to as the base chakra, and is related to or located at the last bone in your spinal cord. The manner in which it impacts your life depends on the actual shade of red in your aura.

Red Aura Shades

Red energy emanates from a place of ego and passion. However, that passion can sometimes manifest itself either as hate or love, while ego could be either hubristic or healthy. Typically, a red aura would indicate that you are a person that lives in the moment; it also indicates that you are deeply connected with your overall physical reality as they believe, and that red indicates that you are an intensely emotional person with a strong sense of self.

However, your energy could be either positive or negative. If you are curious about which end of the spectrum you are on, you can visit an aura reader to uncover the meaning of your aura according to their belief. Below are guidelines, that will take a look at the different shades of red auras and what they mean:

  1. Murky Red Aura

If there is muddiness or murkiness in the aura, that is due to the dark hues or greys within it. If you have a dark red aura, it means that your personality is more negative than positive. This could be the effect of some pent-up anger. A murky red aura may look repelling and has more negative connotations than the lighter shades of red. For instance, deep, dark red auras are associated with anger and blame. On the other hand, a muddy pink will be associated with dishonesty and sadness.

  1. Bright Red Aura

If your aura has a pastel shade or is brighter, it indicates positive energy. A clear red is connected with compassion and sensuality. For instance, a reddish-orange aura means the person is more confident and creative. If you have a pinkish red aura, your physicality might not be very strong, however, you may be very sensitive, affectionate, intuitive or tender. Below is a continuation of aura guidelines:

Red Auras – Personality Traits

  • Red exhibits a raw strength, and this means what you see is exactly what you get.
  • People with red auras are ambitious and courageous. Both of these attributes can take them to the peak of success in their careers.
  • These people aren’t dependent on others which also makes them excellent leaders. However, it can also make them lonely.
  • Red as a very dominant color and, when channeled in the right direction, this aura can be highly rewarding.
  • People with red auras are very adventurous and energetic.
  • They also tend to be risk takers and are impulsive as well.
  • Reds are almost always adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers.
  • It isn’t uncommon to find people with red auras to be very promiscuous and have multiple sexual partners.
  • Since they are unable to direct their energies toward any one single person, many people with the red auras fail to have solid or long-lasting relationships
  • These people are also extremely hot-headed and it doesn’t take much for them to lose their temper.
  • Once these people apply their mind to something they are extremely focused and committed to achieving it.
  • However, they sometimes fail to balance their priorities well which can lead to trouble.
  • Reds rarely ever do anything halfway and will almost always see things to the end.

Red Aura – Love and Relationships

Reds truly excel in areas such as passion, love, and sex. Since they are extremely adventurous souls that also may have an intense need to be physical, this can push exploration and intimacy to greater heights. Desire and loss are extremely powerful driving factors. People that have a red partner generally find that their mate’s passion rarely ever fades. A person with a red aura will have an all-consuming drive and they should make it a point to enter into intimate relationships at a much slower pace. This is because they are unable to differentiate love from lust. This inability to confirm their underlying desires can cause them to get upset very frequently.

Best friendships with reds can be nearly inseparable and powerful. It important to be wary of feelings such as envy and jealousy getting in the way and spoiling a relationship. A person with a red aura thrives on receiving direct communication and communicates well with others. They don’t really have the capacity to detect subtle mood indicators which is a trait that is sometimes necessary for non-intimate and intimate relationships. This is why a break in a relationship can be quite crippling for a red.

Regardless of which way you look at it, life with a red aura is full of excitement, adventure and thrill. Find out if you have a red aura with this quick what color is your aura test.