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What It Takes to Become Good At Reading Energy & Auras

Many people don’t take an aura reader or the profession seriously so experts in this field have to deal with derision and skepticism. If you’re passionate about your profession and want your aura energy readings to stand out in this industry, you need to make...

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Top Mistakes Made Reading Energy Aura

This article is written from the belief of some aura readers and people that believe in metaphysics. How Do You Read Auras? Aura reading requires dedication, skill and concentration. It’s a deeply spiritual practice so if you don’t focus well, you might make a mistake and give your...


Where Can I Get My Aura Photographed And Read?

This article is written based on people's belief in metaphysics and some aura camera owners' opinions. Aura energy photography is becoming very popular. People have started to believe in its benefits and want to get the best reading possible. For this to happen, you need...