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The Truth About Aura Camera Technology


Throughout history, people have proclaimed that all living beings, especially humans, emit an aura. You see visible proof of this belief in art. Several paintings and sculptures that depict divinity always have a halo around the head of the subject. This is a visible depiction of the aura that the most knowledgeable people and the brightest minds in history believe existed.
As science evolved, proof and evidence took precedence over belief. Today, even the most skeptical scientist would admit that human beings and other living organisms do emit energy. This is because we use energy for every action, even for something as simple as scratching our nose. Is it that much of a stretch to imagine that this energy or aura can be read and understood?
Facts About Aura
Most people recognize an aura or respond to it without even realizing it. For example, you’ll encounter an individual you instinctively identify as honest or trustworthy. Most people think that’s because we have an instinct that guides us on these matters. It’s very likely that you’re responding to the person’s aura.
A person’s aura reflects their inner thoughts and their state of mind. So if you’re thinking of going on an adventure vacation and love to take risks, your aura’s color will reflect that by taking on a reddish hue.
What is an Aura Camera?
Of course, when you see people, you don’t see blobs of color around them unless you’re a psychic or clairvoyant. Most people aren’t able to see or sense auras. However, technology has evolved enough to actually capture the image of your aura. An aura camera is able to perceive a person’s aura and read it accurately.
There are several aura cameras available that produce results that are difficult to interpret. Inneractive’s aura camera, however, simplifies the entire process. Instead of complicated data filled with graphs, meters, and scientific language, the results are displayed in easy-to-understanding color codes, pictures, and meters.
Correlation with Biofeedback Data
Simply capturing the aura image isn’t enough. The biofeedback data is vital to gain a complete understanding of your aura. The science essentially revolves around understanding your body’s response to different thoughts and situations. Using this data, which comes from the careful analysis of your body’s responses, an aura camera can create a detailed report on your aura.
By studying responses like GSR, or Galvanic Skin Response, temperature, electro-dermal activity, etc, from different points of your left palm, we can determine your body’s response to different thoughts and triggers. All the data is fed into a program that interprets it and reveals a complete assessment of your aura.
By combining the results of biofeedback data and aura images, we can determine the emotional and mental health of an individual. The results are compiled based on research done and approved by several doctors and health practitioners.
The information gained from an aura camera and biofeedback devices can be used by educators, healthcare professionals, and other such individuals to help students, patients, and people in need. As your body responds to different triggers differently, being aware of your aura can help you change it and improve your mental and physical well-being.