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Understanding Yourself through Your Aura


All magazines tell you that true beauty lies inside you, but not before they tell you how you can increase your outer beauty. Our mentality is solely based on what we see, and we never stop to think that perhaps there should be something other than what is shown to us before we start judging ourselves. It is only the people we love, who know us for who we truly are, and even then, we only show them the face we want them to see. Our spirit is our guiding light; it is our subconscious which tells us what is right and what is wrong. But many a times, we ignore that light and do as we please; which in turn, gives us a lot of trouble without even letting us realize it.

Understanding our inner selves means understanding our soul. There is a connection between our Etheric, mental and astral self which can only be balanced120504110024 and attuned to one another if we have a true understanding of what our aura means, even for ourselves. Auras are a reflection of our innermost self. It is more than just a luminous radiation; it is a given source which is much more expressive than what people see in us at their first glance.

The Phenomenon of Auric Energy

In the words of Nikola Tesla, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Contrary to popular belief, auras are not just mythical feelings. According to the terms of parapsychology, an aura is a field of subtle radiation which surrounds a person like a halo. This aura is a depiction of the invisible energy that every living thing in the universe depicts. In fact, a technology known as the Kirlian technology is being used to capture the aura. The true science behind Kirlian technology is that it captures the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges, which may be invisible to the naked eye, but with proper equipment, can be easily detected.

Along with mainstream research, Kirlian photography is also used in technology known as aura cameras. Aura cameras detect the person’s energy field and photograph it in such a way that the person can see it for themselves. Science has proven that every living thing on the planet gives off energy. To those who want the technical term for aura, the energy that we emit is what we are.

Our auras are very sensitive to our environmental and personal changes. If you are feeling depressed in a very silent atmosphere, it could be because your energy is absorbing the seriousness of your surroundings. There is a reason why you want to feel happy if you’re in a happy place but even then, if you are not feeling right, the people around you who are sensitive to auric energy will know. It is not about having the third eye. The aura is a much more practical phenomenon than we give it credit for. Although the people before us might have thought of it more on the lines of a supernatural belief, the aura is detectable because of its biological existence.

Inner Reflection

Our aura is always trying to show the world who we are on the inside. While a person might look very stern on the outside, their aura shows that they are soft-natured and kind on the inside. However, in this day and age, it is only the most pure of spirits that can see the aura of others. Toddlers and infants are prone to seeing auras. Because they are so pure, they often see things that we can never see for ourselves. It is a great feeling if a baby likes you and smiles at you and while you might dismiss this by saying that it’s because you ‘look funny’, the truth is that the infant probably likes you because they sense your aura.

The problem which plagues almost everyone nowadays is that we have forgotten our own importance. We judge ourselves constantly and don’t act with the same love to our own self as we do with those close to us. We judge on the basis of outer beauty, wealth, upbringing, education and many others, but one thing we don’t think about is inner beauty. There is no point in being beautiful on the outside if you are not beautiful on the inside.

The purpose of understanding our self is to know our own importance. The secret to understanding our aura isn’t meditating until we are at one with our spirit, as that is very hard to do. Our aura is our reflection and yet, we never pay attention to it. We may turn and notice that our friend who seems to be happier on the outside is not really happy, but we always try to ignore the reason behind this. Depression is like a web which usually takes us in and only few people have the courage to actually find their way out of it. Those who are in touch with their auras are usually the ones who know how to do that.

Understanding ourselves should always be the first thing we do when it comes to balancing our auras, because once we figure out how we can bring manage our chakras and give ourselves some peace, we will be able to focus on the other aspects of life. From using technology, such as aura cameras, to doing simple acts like meditating or even walking in the park, a person can connect to their soul and understand the true meaning behind their deepest thoughts. For many who feel like they are lost or like they don’t know their place in the world, it is because they have no connection to their inner self. But if they actually take the time out to understand themselves, they will be able to reach a higher plane of understanding, which will benefit them in the long run.