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What Are Chakras and How Do They Relate to Aura Cameras?

Solar plexus chakra

This article is written according to metaphysical thought. While there are many parts of the world that have been quick to adopt the principles of natural healing, there are many places where natural healing has been slow to catch on. In these areas, some folks may not understand “chakras” are. It’s really too bad, because if they only understood what chakras are, they’d understand how essential they are to achieving balance and harmony!

What Is A Chakra?

The more appropriate question is “what are the chakras,” as there are seven main ones, each inter-connected with the others. In essence, the chakras are aligned along the spine of an individual, working in tandem to control our overall health and sense of well being.

All seven are aligned (ideally) along the front of the body, parallel to the spine. The most basic chakras are at the base of the spine, with the more advanced ones being closer to the head. Here’s how they work, in order:

  • First: Located at the bottom of the spine, this chakra directs overall stability and comfort.
  • Second: Just above the first chakra, this is the fun one: It directs our sexuality and creativity.
  • Third: This chakra, which is located just below the middle of the spine, is directly linked to self-empowerment.
  • Fourth: Located precisely in the middle, this chakra connects those below it (which are concerned with matters of the body) and those above (which are concerned with a person’s spirit).
  • Fifth: This chakra is directly linked to self-expression and is located near the throat. Makes sense, right?
  • Sixth: When someone refers to someone having a “third eye” – the ability to intuit events – that person is referring to the sixth chakra, located at the forehead.
  • Seventh: The final and most important chakra is located at the top of your head. As you might expect, this one connects you to the divine.

In order for a person to find their energetic balance, these chakras must be “aligned” with one another. When they are out of balance – when one is too strong or too weak – we may not be at our best.  Natural healing, and the wellness centers that deliver such healing, are those that help their clients to bring these chakras – and the elements of “living” that they represent – into balance.

How Do Chakras Relate to Aura Cameras?

There are a number of techniques which are designed to identify issues with a person’s chakras and to correct them. A guru, for example, might examine you and make recommendations based upon their years of training and experience. Alternatively, an individual may attempt to understand their chakras through meditation, guessing their way into the world of wellness.

An aura camera takes guesswork and intuition out of the equation. It is able to photographically simulate a person’s energy. The resulting visual depiction can be seen and understood by an aura reader providing insight into specific chakras to bring them into balance and harmony.