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Your Aura Camera and How Best to Maintain It


In the year 1939, Semyon Kirlian discovered the secret to capturing auras or electrical fields surrounding all living things, with the use of an aura camera. In order to create these images, electric current was passed through an object and which then captured the aura images on a specialized photographic plate.

In an earlier experiment, he also produced some images of two seemingly identical leaves. When he took the aura photos with his camera and developed them, he noticed there was a significant difference in the images. One of them was luminescent and strong while the other was difficult to see and very weak.

That is when he realized that the stronger and bright image came from the leaf that has been taken from a healthy plant; the weaker image was from the leaf from a diseased plant. This was the breakthrough that Kirlian centered a major part of his future research on. These findings changed the way people perceived themselves as well as the world and environment around them.

The Kirlian Camera today

The current day Kirlian aura camera is highly advanced and is an outcome of decades of experimentation and research. This research has been focused on visualizing and understanding the concept and science behind auras and how to read them. The aura imaging technology used today captures auras and enables people to learn much more about their inner selves, giving them the opportunity to improve their quality of life.

Types of Kirlian aura cameras

  1. Kirlian camera

This works by sending a controlled electric charge (painless) into one part of your body (generally the hand). It then captures the aura’s image on a specialized photographic plate.

  1. Biofeedback aura camera

This is a more modern version of the original Kirlian Camera; it is also far more sophisticated. It measures particular physical attributes, such as skin conductivity and body temperature. The software then interprets the data after which the 3D aura is displayed on a multimedia monitor.

Aura camera- the benefits

Aura cameras provide a range of emotional and health benefits including:

  • Easy and instant method to understand information related to human energies
  • Ability to measure the body’s calmness.
  • Monitoring the internal energy channels that might be stressed.
  • Detailed readings that give a deeper understanding of any potential problems. Greater detailing means a better understanding of how to solve complex inner problems.
  • Reading comparisons that can be easily accessed later.

Identifying energies can help aura readers understand what steps need to be taken to reduce any future stress patterns. These cameras also help practitioners identify various symptomatic stress issues very easily so they can guide their clients on what needs to be done to improve the situation. 

The importance of regular maintenance of aura cameras

These cameras are what aura readers use to earn their bread and butter. The most advanced devices have highly sophisticated systems that are able to precisely capture aura images through biofeedback and photographs.

However, this equipment will continue to perform well only if it is maintained carefully. Like any other camera, these devices can become damaged by poor cleanup methods and excessive dust. Some aura photo camera maintenance aspects to keep in mind include:

  1. Right storage

Aura readers often just place a thin sheet over the camera to protect it from the dust, once they are done using it for the day. They generally do this because it can be time-consuming and tedious to disassemble and then reassemble the entire setup at the start of every business day. But this practice can only cause irrevocable damage to your expensive aura photo camera. If you want to extend your camera’s life, you need to ensure it’s stored in the strong case it comes with.

  1. Read manufacturer instructions before Use

Some aura readers fail to read the instruction manual that comes with the camera. This contains vital information on how to use the aura camera and the maintenance steps to follow. In addition, the manual also explains what you’d have to do in case of any damage or dysfunction. Being aware of this information helps you use your aura camera properly and also ensures you don’t damage it accidentally.

  1. Clean well prior to and post use

Aura cameras, like all other technological devices, are like dust magnets. This can impact picture quality & cause problems with your camera’s function too. The best way to prolong the life of the device is to keep it very clean and make sure that dust doesn’t settle in any of its moving parts. All you need is a microfiber cloth and good-quality camera cleaning solution to keep it in a good condition.

  1. Only authorized personnel should handle repairs

If there is a malfunction in your aura camera, don’t try to fix it yourself. It’s important that you call the customer care number mentioned by the manufacturer and follow all their instructions. Certain companies send skilled technicians to your location to handle the repairs while others may request that you mail the device to their center to get the repairs done. It’s crucial that you get your camera repaired only by authorized personnel. Technicians that aren’t familiar with the technology and device might damage it.

  1. Mind the camera batteries

The batteries are often the culprits when it comes to aura camera damage. If you don’t plan on using the equipment for a longer period of time, make it a point to remove the batteries and then pack the device in its box carefully. If you fail to do this, the batteries may leak causing damage to the sensitive device. In most cases, this damage is permanent and complete replacement becomes the only option.

If you intend to run a successful aura business, you need to have good quality aura imaging cameras that will provide excellent results. When you follow these pointers, you won’t find the need to replace your aura camera often and will easily get years of reliable service out of it.