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How Does An Aura Camera Work?


How Aura Cameras Work

*Image may differ from actual product

Understanding Aura Cameras & Aura Photo Benefits

The AuraCloud 3D is an interactive, multimedia aura imaging computer system that helps explain and demonstrate what are auras. The aura machine is built on the beliefs and studies of aura-energy, color analysis, and chakra knowledge.

In short, it is a computer-based camera system that collects data from a hand sensor and using proprietary algorithms it shows our interpretation of aura and chakra depictions on a monitor as well as in printed reports.

How do our aura cameras work?

Designed to be incredibly easy to use, just follow this simple three-step process:

  1. Sit in front of the aura cameraThis allows the camera to capture your image while you access the sensor.
  2. Place your hand onto the sensor: Comfortably rest your hand on the sensor to allow the aura camera to collect data
  3. Your aura image appears on the screen: The aura image is displayed on-screen. Auras and chakras will change in real-time.

Once you have finished the simple three-step process, you have the option of printing reports for yourself or your client. You can print many different high-quality aura-chakra reports in multiple languages.