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Aura Colors and Their Meanings Chart

Aura colors meaning chart

After we completed our series on aura colors and personality, a few people said, “You know, it would be really useful if you would put those aura colors and meanings into a chart.”

So, we did. Here’s an infographic that we hope you’ll find useful! It shows the personality characteristics associated with each aura color. Below the chart, there’s a more detailed explanation of what we mean by each of these personality characterizations.

Aura colors meanings chart

Note: This article is written according to metaphysical thought.

What Are Auras?

Auras are believed to be intangible energy fields that surround each of us. The predominant colors in your aura are associated with different personality traits and states of mind. While it’s generally believed that auras contain many colors, one is often most prominent.

Red Aura Color

People with red auras are deeply grounded. They are realistic and pragmatic, but not dispassionate! They’re passionate and physical in their relationships. Professionally, they pursue their dreams with relentless, single-minded determination.

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Orange Aura Color

Do you know someone who lives life in the super-super-fast lane? Who seeks thrills and adrenaline? He or she might have an orange aura. These people’s enthusiasm and zest for life is almost childlike, and it’s refreshing and exciting to be in their presence. They make confident leaders and great public speakers.

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Yellow Aura Color

Like the iconic laughing Buddha, these easygoing, good-humored people bring laughter and delight everywhere they go. They thrive on freedom and optimism. Yellows are very creative people who pursue satisfaction in life in a unique, personal way.

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Green Aura Color

Doctors, nurses, therapists, and other healers are notorious for manifesting the green aura color. Tied to the heart chakra, green signals a person who lives to give. These people are both generous and protective, and they usually have a special place in their hearts for the natural world.

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Blue Aura Color

Connected with the throat chakra, people with blue auras may have powerful voices, either literally or metaphorically. Yes, singers tend to manifest this color, but it’s also common in people who communicate for a living, such as teachers and HR professionals.

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Indigo Aura Color

‘Indigo children’ aren’t the only ones who may have an indigo aura color. After all, those children grow up! They often metamorphose into adults who are highly perceptive, sensitive, and intuitive, retaining the indigo aura of their youth. They sometimes seem mysterious to the people around them. However, indigos are simply in tune with their own moral compass.

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Purple Aura Color

Do you know someone who seems to have the uncanny ability to read your mind? They might be deeply in tune with their crown chakra, which is also strongly associated with the purple aura color. People with this aura color have an intense connection to higher planes of spiritual existence.

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