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Aura Imaging Photography and its Colors’ Representations

Aura camera

This article is written according to people’s belief in metaphysics.

If you want to read an aura successfully, you need to understand the colors and what they represent. Different aura readers have different opinions of what the colors represent and just how many colors are present in the aura. Highly skilled aura readers can detect a multitude of colors in an aura but most in agree that the seven colors listed below are of primary importance.

1. Violet

People with violet color dominant in their aura are highly spiritual. They have a deeper connection to the spiritual energies of the universe. People with violet colored auras have a charismatic presence, are very intelligent, and can be sensitive and compassionate. In relationships, violets are direct, passionate, and committed. In the professional sphere, they tend to gravitate towards less conventional jobs.

2. Indigo

People with indigo color in their aura are also very spiritual and connected to the energies of the universe. They’re highly intelligent, intuitive, and clear-thinking. Indigo personalities tend to have a sensitive and loving emotional tone and are very caring. They have a clear thinking ability and often get into careers with a mental focus like teaching writing, painting, etc.

3. Blue

Like violet and indigo personalities, blue personalities are also very spiritual. However, they do possess a clearer mindset. They’re usually relaxed and calm and tend to be deeply emotional. Blue personalities are very supportive and giving and can be very family oriented. They lean towards jobs that require care and compassion like nursing, teaching, therapy, etc.

4. Green

Green personalities are more connected to the natural world than the spiritual one. They’re warm, understanding, and accepting in their interaction with others. Green personalities tend to be very healthy and active and are fond of exercises that balance mind, body, and soul like dancing. They’re very detailed oriented and compassionate, which makes them a great fit for a variety of careers.

5. Yellow

Yellow personalities are powerful and joyful at the same time. They can be some of the most boisterous individuals at a party. They have the inner joy and optimism to truly be happy with life. Yellow personalities can also be a little vain and worry about their physical appearance and style. They’re also intelligent and thinkers. They’re very friendly and outgoing so they tend to attract because to themselves regularly. Yellows typically have a large group of friends.

6. Orange

Orange personalities are quite powerful and joyful as well, only their joy tends to lean more towards pranks and mischief. They’re confident and like to encourage people. Orange personalities are very active so they’re likely to participate in organized sports and lead their own teams.

7. Red

Reds have a powerful and dominant personality and that’s why they’re often sound in leadership positions. They’re highly competitive and enthusiastic and can be a little loud. They’re literal thinkers so they don’t always succeed with puzzles and quick questions.

If you understand all of these colors, you might be able to read auras well. Of course, you’d need to practice a little to succeed.