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Aura Reading Test – Do Online Tests Work?

This article is written based on people’s belief in metaphysics.

When you search the phrase aura reading test online, you’ll find several articles and questionnaires that proclaim they’ll help determine your aura. You’ll be asked several questions; and based on the answers to those questions, you’ll be told what kind of aura you possess. People that are curious about auras often take this test and sometimes, they find the results to be accurate but other times they don’t. But do these tests really work or are they just flights of fancy that aren’t really effective?

How Do These Tests Work? 

These tests ask a series of questions that intend to gauge your personality and preferences. All of the answers are considered to develop a generic profile and this personality profile leads to the color of the aura. For example, if all your answers in an aura reading test indicate that you’re a strong, passionate person with a drive and determination to succeed, the authors of the test may conclude your aura is red.

Do They Work?

An experienced aura reader could immediately notice several key problems with such tests, such as:

  • The test only takes biased information into account because it relies on the client’s perception of themselves to develop an aura profile.
  • The results aren’t entirely accurate because they determine the aura color based on personality or the perception of personality. You never know how accurate the information is, so the results can be flawed.
  • The results aren’t comprehensive because they tend to focus on one color and one aspect of your personality.
  • Auras are multihued and aren’t made of one solid color. This is because human beings are multifaceted and aren’t made of one personality type. For example, a passionate person can be patient and calm as well. An insecure person can be completely confident at certain times or with certain people.
  • Auras aren’t static and will change according to circumstances and imbalances. A mere personality test can’t anticipate this and give an accurate description.


As you can see, such aura reading tests online simply don’t work. While they will give you an indication of what your aura might contain, they don’t explain it completely.

Why Aura Readers and Aura Photographs Work Better 

If you truly want to understand and analyze your aura, you should consider visiting an aura reader or getting your aura photographed. Here are some reasons why:

  • A reader would look at your aura directly and not ask you personality-related questions. They will see all of the colors and hues present in your aura and gauge themselves.
  • Aura photographs actually show you what your aura looks like. You don’t have to rely on some inaccurate personality test to get partial understanding of your true aura.
  • A reader will show you what the aura colors mean and explain any problem areas they find. They’ll spot cloudiness and imbalances in your aura and advice ways to correct the problem.


Aura readers and photographs are a much better representation of an aura. Yes, you will have to go out of your way and spend some money to get a proper reading, but you will actually get the most accurate information from them.