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Aura Video Station 7® Basic

Aura Video Station 7 - Aura Camera

Aura Video Station 7® Basic

Our biofeedback system was originally developed for alternative health establishments and healers alike. We are now proud to deliver cutting-edge technology and advancements in the holistic healing of emotional and physical well-being of your clients. The Aura Video Station 7 includes a multitude of programs that will allow you to select whatever options you like for displaying your energetic data. You can select your data as an aura image, easy to understand graphs, and full body aura, just to name a few.

Aura Video Station 7® Basic

Five applications display in-depth biofeedback readings instantaneously each application will give you a new feature, such as showing chakra strength, aura color, emotional state, and much more.


Our Basic Package Includes: