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AuraCloud 3D Pro: Aura Imaging Camera & Software

auracloud 3d pro

* Images may differ from actual product.

AuraCloud 3D for Professionals

This is it! Our original energy package is built for wellness health establishments and the like – custom crafted for these audiences to enhance interaction with clients.

These tools are fully designed with aura energy readings in mind. The IES aura imaging software in this package is created for wellness practitioners so that your reading needs may be fully present in one place. Our new data management processes offer easy storage of readings with accessible client profile information for aura-energetic balancing and future reference. Having these individual assets on hand may help you pull up readings quickly and easily as well as remember important information about individual clients.

We utilize the new techniques to display real-time chakra and aura results to you simultaneously. This software is designed to install seamlessly. And once setup plug in the HD Web Camera and sensor and with a push of a few buttons you’re ready to start digitizing human energy – right before your clients’ eyes. With the AuraCloud 3D Pro, you can expect the same stunning visuals as the AuraCloud 3D Basic, but with in-depth results and advanced tools to enhance your holistic or alternative health practice. This aura camera may help you better understand your clients and their unique needs related to their energy state.

What is an aura?

For those working in the metaphysical field, an aura is thought to be a kind of energy field that surrounds every human and animal. This energy field projects a rainbow of colors that correlate to the seven chakras of the body.

The distribution and color type may give insight into a particular client’s spiritual health. Naked to the human eye, these colors represent a person’s current energies.

There are no “bad” aura colors – they simply reflect a person’s energetic composition. Even animals have auras.

How does the AuraCloud 3D Pro work?

The AuraCloud 3D is a human-computer interface system that uses both hardware and software to create a digital representation of an aura. Using the camera and hand sensor, data is converted into a visual image of a client’s aura with Inneractive’s proprietary algorithms.

The system is incredibly simple to set up. Just plug in the camera and sensor and you’re ready to go! Our aura machine technology can help you make the most of your business.

What does the AuraCloud 3D Professional Package include?

The AuraCloud 3D Pro is everything you may need — and a little bit extra. This package contains all the exclusive features of the AuraCloud 3D Basic package, but with added and specialized adaptations for practitioners and retailers who need a little more.




Software included:


  • AuraSim 3D: See a 3D visualization of a client’s aura from multiple angles.
  • AuraGraph 3D: Detailed graphs demonstrate further energy results from aura reading.
  • Aura Script (including 5 lines of data): A textual explanation for the colors you see on the aura image.
  • AuraVid: A headshot with a client’s aura shown superimposed on their headshot in real time.
  • AuraHealer: Find out where energy may be better balanced in someone’s energy field.
  • AuraPet: See a visual representation of your pet’s aura.
  • ClientManager: Easily access past energy readings and quickly pull up client profiles.

auracloud 3d pro