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AuraCloud 3D Pro



AuraCloud 3D Pro

This is it! Our 100% original energy package is built for alternative health establishments and practitioners – custom crafted for these audiences to ensure the best interaction with clients.

These tools are fully designed with aura energy readings in mind. The IES aura imaging software in this package is created for professional practitioners, so that all your reading needs will be fully present in one place. Our new data management processes offer easy storage of any reading you do along with fully accessible client profile information for validation of treatment and future reference. Having these individual assets on hand can help you pull up readings quickly and easily as well as remember important information about individual clients.

We utilize the new techniques to display real-time chakra and aura results to you simultaneously. This software installs seamlessly – simply plug in the HD Web Camera and Biosensor and with a push of a button you’re ready to start digitizing human energy – right before your clients’ eyes. With AuraCloud 3D Pro technology, you have the tools to take on body and mind therapy from every angle. If you’re looking to add greater value and top of-the-line tech to your interaction with clients, look no further than this particular package.

What’s Included in Your AuraCloud 3D Pro

The AuraCloud 3D Pro is everything you need — and a little bit extra. This package contains all the exclusive features of the AuraCloud 3D Basic package, but with added and specialized adaptations for practitioners and retailers who need a little more.




Software included: