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Blue Aura Meaning: Understanding the Blue Aura Meaning & Personality

Blue aura meaning

Like a slowly breaking wave or the endless sky above a mountaintop, the color blue envelops us in serenity and calmness. It connects us to things that are bigger than ourselves. It can fill us with positive energy.  This is why blue is such a popular color, from clothing to the design of social media apps. It calms us and grounds us in the present moment, stabilizing our energy. Do you have a blue aura? In this article, we’ll take a look at the blue aura meaning.

An aura is believed to be an intangible, ever-shifting field that surrounds all living things. This guide to auras explains what the different colors found in energy fields may mean. If you are not able to perceive auras on your own, aura technology can help you discern your own unique rainbow of energy.

Blue Aura Meaning

Blue aura meaning

Aura colors can mean many things to different people, but a blue aura is generally thought to be connected with sensitivity and intelligence.

The presence of blue energy in a person’s aura is also linked to an openness to receiving or perceiving spiritual energy. People with a blue aura may have a strong sense of intuition, but be unaware of where their instincts come from.  “True blue” auras are sometimes found in people who are calm and collected and tend to live a very balanced life. In short, the meaning of a blue aura often reflects the meaning of the color in nature—a relaxed, receptive energy that is aware of the bigger picture.

Note: This article is written according to people’s beliefs in metaphysics.

Blue Aura Shades

Blue aura meaning

Just as there are many shades of blue in nature, there are varying shades of blue energy. Aura colors interpretation is an art, not a science, but it may lend some interesting insights into a person’s life. From sky blue to a turquoise aura, every shade of blue is associated with its own unique personality traits. Is your aura a deep ocean blue, lighter, or maybe tinged with indigo?

Light Blue Aura

A baby blue or light blue aura is sometimes found in people who are good communicators. These people are also thought to be fully open to receiving spiritual or metaphysical energy. Light blue auras may also symbolize a peaceful and positive personality. By some accounts, streaks of sky blue in the aura are thought to be indicators that a person is communicating on an intuitive plane.

Royal Blue Aura

A royal blue aura is sometimes considered the “truest blue.” People who are extremely poised, calm and empathetic may have this color in their aura. This shade of energy is believed by some to harmonize with the intelligence of yellow energy. If both are present in the aura, it could represent genius-level intuition and follow-through. This shade is even more open than light blue, and people with clairvoyant abilities may discover this color in their aura. People with a royal blue aura are thought to be undaunted by new challenges, as they are not held back by negative energy.

Muddy Blue Aura

Like storm clouds brewing on the horizon, a dark blue aura is associated with negative emotions. When light blues become muddy blue or tinged with black, the person may be feeling blocked. Perhaps he or she is fearful about opening up to people. This lack of communication can make it difficult to connect with others and share your perspective. Some people think the best method to heal this energy is to take a vacation. After all, dark blue is connected to stress and overwork. Additionally, finding a way to share your feelings can help you open back up and reconnect to the world.

Blue Aura Personality

Blue aura meaning

The blue aura personality is optimistic, intelligent, open, and calm. People with a blue aura are believed to be highly intuitive and inspired, sometimes receiving insight from other planes. People with this color aura will likely be compatible with yellow energy, as the intelligence and logic of yellow pairs well with the blue aura’s deep wisdom.

With friends and family, the blue aura is likely to be empathetic and communicative. Their sensitivity and openness allow them to connect deeply with the people around them. However, people with blue energy need to be aware of their tendency to talk in circles or dump their problems on their loved ones. What they may see as open communication, others may receive as non-stop chattering or even gossip.

In the workplace, jobs that demand high intelligence and strong communication skills may attract people with a blue aura. Their intuition and empathy could make them good counselors or therapists, but they may not be detached enough to be happy as doctors or nurses. Highly subjective but skilled trades, such as graphic design, art, and writing may also attract people with a blue aura.

Blue Auras and Chakras

The blue aura meaning can be more deeply understood by understanding the corresponding blue chakra. The chakras are believed to be specific points of energy in a person’s body. They are associated with different wants and needs.

The chakra associated with the color blue is the fifth chakra, the throat chakra. The throat chakra, or Vishuddha, is connected with purity, expression, and communication. It is believed to represent a person’s ability to speak the truth. This chakra may empower people to share their personal truth, communicate ideas effectively and manifest their ideas in reality.

Excessive shyness, an inability or fear of speaking, speaking too much, or telling lies are all thought to be connected with a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra. By balancing this chakra with your blue aura, you may be able to communicate more effectively and make your ideas a reality.

To balance your throat chakra, try some of the following techniques:

  • Meditate with blue stones like lapis lazuli or aquamarine
  • Visit places with water or go sailing on the ocean
  • Participate in a choir or a play
  • Eat blue foods like blueberries or plums
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Repeat the affirmation “I trust that my words are true.”

It may take some time and several techniques, but balancing your throat chakra with your blue aura may increase the clarity of your communication. What would you tell your loved ones, if there was no fear and no barrier for them to fully understand your words?