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Can You Get an Aura Reading Online?


There are several companies that offer online aura reading and scanning and proclaim that they provide accurate results. This claim is usually met with a lot of skepticism, especially from people who believe in auras and are a part of this industry. Aura is energy and very few have the skill and perception to see it with the naked eye. Most professionals have sophisticated aura cameras and biofeedback machines to scan auras so how can aura reading online be possible? Here are some points that will clear this concept for you:

Reading Aura Pictures

Most professionals that offer online aura reading consultations will ask you to send your aura picture to them through email or post. Some websites will allow you to upload your aura picture and provide a reading quickly. All you need to do is go to the closest aura photography center and get your picture taken from a good quality aura camera. This won’t cost you much, but it would give you a very accurate reading.

While some online aura reading facilities can work with an old photograph, most professionals won’t promise accurate readings or results from your consultation if you provide plain old photographs.

Digital Camera Pictures

Some companies have software that reveals aura colors present in a normal digital photograph. This software will read the digital data in the picture file and reconstruct the image to showcase your aura in its full glory. Here are some steps you need to follow to ensure you get the best results from aura reading online.

  • Take a fresh picture instead of sending an old digital picture file. This would work better.
  • Use a digital camera and not your mobile phone camera because it won’t be able to pick up subtle hues present in the aura.
  • Take the picture indoors in a clean room with light colored walls. Natural daylight will influence the aura data captured by the picture.
  • Make sure the flash is turned on before you take the picture.
  • The person taking the picture must stand about 4 to 5 feet away from the subject. If you want to use a tripod, make sure it’s positioned at that distance.
  • Make sure only the camera flash light falls on you. Other lights will distort the aura image captured by the camera.

You can then upload this freshly taken image to a website that provides aura reading online.

Quizzes and Questions 

Some aura reading websites don’t even ask for your photograph. They’ll ask you a certain set of questions that would help them determine what kind of aura you might have. This is the least accurate method of the three because your personal opinions and preferences will color the reading. This system relies mostly on guesswork and assumptions so it’s not fully reliable.

Such quizzes and questions are very entertaining and might give you some idea about your personality but if you truly want your aura to be read, you should get your picture taken and consult with a professional.