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Green Aura Meaning: Understanding the Green Aura Meaning & Personality

Green aura meaning

When it comes to the shifting colors of your aura, there are many possibilities for the particular colors you may tend to project. Perhaps you’ve recently discovered that your own aura is predominantly green. You may be asking yourself, “What does this green aura color mean?”

Note: This article was written according to people’s beliefs in metaphysics.

Much like the constantly changing seasons, a person’s aura is believed to be an ever-shifting energy field that surrounds the body. The colors of your aura are affected by your mood and personality and may encompass many shades and hues in the rainbow.

This guide to auras provides an overview of the aura system as well as a summary of how the different energy colors interact with one another. For those who are not able to discern aura colors with the naked eye, an aura imaging system is a tool that can help you map out your aura.

Green Aura Meaning

Green aura meaning

While the shades of green may vary, truly, there is no color more suited to growth and healing than a green aura. Just like a lush, evergreen forest, the green aura color is associated with health, growth, calmness and compassion for those around you. Green energy is thought to be found more often in teachers, counselors, doctors or medical professionals, and people who work for the greater good.

If you believe you have a green aura, take heart. It could suggest that you are an especially kind person who takes comfort in nature and has an open heart.

Green Aura Shades

Green aura meaning

Just as a forest is filled with different types of plants, from tall trees reaching for the sky to small ferns and flowers covering the ground, there are many shades of green to be found in this aura color. They each have a unique energy level and meaning that they bring to the aura as a whole.

Emerald Green Aura

A bright, shining emerald green aura is sometimes associated with a person who has great healing energies. These people are believed to radiate calmness and have probably come to accept themselves for who they are. They seek to heal and help others, spreading love and joy wherever they go. This color is also connected to the heart chakra, as green is the color of both. A person with an emerald green aura color may be led by their heart and may have a strong desire to connect with those around them.

Dark Green Aura

On the flip side, a dark green aura color is associated with strong negative energy. The phrase “green with envy” comes to mind with this shade, as a dark green aura is believed to suggest feelings of envy, jealousy, and bitterness. Some people think this shade is connected to a closed or blocked heart chakra, as the person with this color aura has closed themselves off from positive feelings. According to some people, this may change with time spent in the serenity of nature and positive visualizations or meditation.

Yellow-Green Aura

When it comes to a yellow-green aura, musicians, writers, artists, and great communicators are thought to sometimes exhibit this color. Yellow-green is connected to people who are expressive and communicative, searching for inspiration and sharing their stories. This color is believed to thrive when you do something mentally stimulating, like creating a work of art or writing a story.

Blue-Green Aura

If emerald green is the color of healing energy, then blue-green auras are thought to be their super compassionate, practical counterparts. A blue-green aura is sometimes associated with especially powerful, gifted healers. Doctors and trained medical professionals may exhibit this color as a reflection of their natural healing talents.

Green Aura Personality

Green aura meaning

Overall, the green aura color personality is one that is deeply connected with healing and helping other people. These auras are believed to radiate calm energy that others can benefit from. A person with green energy may sometimes need to retreat into nature away from others in order to replenish and nurture their own spirit.

The green aura personality also gives abundantly to others. Friends and partners of people with this energy will probably find endless support and generosity in their relationship. Greens are believed to be protective of their friends and family, which goes hand-in-hand with their tendency to heal and help others. While this is usually a good thing, people with a green aura color may need to remember to step back and let others deal with their own problems.

Green Aura Color Relationships

In relationships, green energy is thought to pair well with optimistic and energetic colors like yellow and orange. Their creativity is considered by some people to be a good match. The green energy can support the enthusiastic yellow or orange, while enjoying their shared adventures.

Green Auras and Chakras

The human body and spirit is a nexus for all kinds of energies and emotions. Chakras and auras are two forms of this energy, with chakras being associated with specific points in the body, and auras radiating around the whole person.

Since each chakra is associated with a specific color, it is believed that the color of a person’s aura may correspond to a specific chakra. Green is the color of the heart chakra, and as such is understood to be connected to Anahata, or unstruck energy.

As the name would suggest, the heart chakra is associated with love, bonds with others, and the ability of a person to recognize that they are part of something larger than themselves. Those looking to balance or connect to this chakra should consider the following:

  • Eat plenty of green vegetables
  • Meditate with emerald, malachite, or jade
  • Walk in nature
  • Consider the affirmations “I am love” and “I am open to love.”

Every person is different, so it may take time to feel connected to your heart chakra. Take your time with this process, and find something that helps you personally connect to this loving green energy.