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How to Read Aura

This article is written based on people’s belief in metaphysics.

The ability to read an aura will allow you to understand a person much better. If you can read their aura, you’ll be a better judge of character and would communicate better with the person you are interacting with. The ability to read auras will also help you understand the character of your acquaintances, which can be a boon in both your professional life and your personal life. Here are some guidelines for reading auras.

You Need the Right Background

A human aura won’t be very visible or vibrant if it has to compete with a bright or vivid background. If you want to see the full effect of the aura, you need to view it against a neutral background. For example, you could make a person stand near a light, pastel-colored wall. What way, the aura won’t have to compete against the background and would be clear.

The Right Lighting

It’s best to view an aura in dim, natural light. If the light is too bright or too soft, you won’t be able to see anything. You should light a candle or a lamp in the room. That would give you a soft, natural light where the aura colors would stand out.

Get Comfortable  

Both you and your test subject need to be relaxed and comfortable. You would want a natural aura reading, without any disturbances. You should pick a silent, peaceful room and settle down. It’s also a good idea to wear comfortable clothes of neutral colors. You shouldn’t have anything that would distract you in your vicinity. It’s also a good idea to explain what you’re about to do to your test subject.

Start the Reading

Once you’re comfortable, start the reading. As naturally as you can, rest your eyes on your test subject, pick a place on their features and focus on it for about 60 seconds. It’s a good idea to focus on a small area at first. You can focus on the forehead, the chin, or even on the nose. After a moment, let your eyes naturally go out of focus. That’s the moment you’ll start seeing an aura in the form of a faint, white haze around the spot. Don’t focus on it. You need to keep your gaze unfocused and distant until you start perceiving colors.

Take Note of the Colors

You can’t shift your eyes from the aura or disrupt the reading by speaking up. Instead, memorize all of the colors you see. At the beginning, you’ll only see a few dominant and vivid colors. The subtle hues of the aura would escape you. However, the more you practice, the more detailed your aura reading would be. You need to list down all the clear, dominant colors as well as the muted, dull colors. They would be the key to determining what your test subject’s aura is trying to reveal.

After that, it’s only a matter of finding the meaning of the colors and understanding them.