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Understanding Aura Photo Color Meanings


This article is written based on people’s belief in metaphysics.

An increasing number of people have started to believe in aura photography. They are willing to ignore the skeptics and try to understand what the concept of an aura is and how it would help them improve their lives.  Here’s a brief guide for you that would allow you to understand what your aura is trying to tell you.

What Are The Aura Colors

Reading aura color meanings can vary because different aura colors tell you different things. We’ll first discuss what the general tone of your aura indicates. No aura has just one color in it. After all, human beings are multifaceted and dynamic creatures and our aura will reflect that. That’s why it’s necessary to understand the aura completely before trying to heal it or cleanse it. Here are some colors you need to keep in mind.

  • Violet – This aura is at the top of the light spectrum and is considered the most potent. If you emit a violet aura, you’re a person with high levels of mental and physical energy. You’re full of vitality and confidence. However, the excess energy also means that you’re restless and a little impatient. You have a can-do attitude, which would always help in you in life. But you should also learn to tone it down a little.
  • Dark Blue – This is the next color on the spectrum. It has the second highest vibration output. A person who has a dark blue or indigo aura has precise intuition and is deeply connected to their spiritual side. If you have a predominantly dark blue aura, you might be able to see things before they happen and get feelings about certain actions or circumstances. People with dark blue auras in their aura photos are often psychics, astrologers, tarot readers, etc.
  • Sky Blue – This is the third color on the spectrum and has the third strongest vibrations. While dark blue denotes spiritual communication, light blue auras denote physical communication. People who have light blue auras are very eloquent speakers. They can be charismatic when they want to be and will be able to convince others to look at things from their perspective. Such people almost always choose a career that requires communication and eloquence.
  • Magenta – This is a combination color, a mixture of red and blue. It’s very rare and is often considered the best of both worlds. You have a deep connection with your spiritual side, thanks to the presence of dark blue. You have a solid connection to the real, physical world, thanks to the connection to red. The presence of this color in your aura photos indicates that you’re a very creative and aware person. You’re also an artist and like to express yourself through acting, painting, designing, etc.

These are the top levels of aura colors that emit the highest levels of energy. There are several other colors that might be apparent in your aura photos. Colors like pink, orange, green, white, and red energy aura might also be present in your aura. To find out more take this aura color quiz.