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Benefits of An Aura Photography Business

What do you get when you combine the aura-energetic data associated with chi-energy-imaging in a business setting – AuraCloud 3D Camera!

Our aura imaging and aura-energetic systems are designed to give wellness centers, which provide a wide variety of services, a chance to create a novel experience and to also supplement the existing services they offer.  From wellness centers to retail to fairs, aura cameras are made with the intent of be easy to understand and work in real-time to provide aura and chakra readings for your clients.

How May an Aura Camera Benefit You?

We design our imaging systems based on the feedback we get from our clients and our knowledge of the industry. Consequently, our aura-energetic devices provide a variety of positive energy benefits. Some general benefits may include:

  • An instant, easy way to understand chi-energy information
  • Ability to visualize auras and chakras
  • Detailed readings that allow for a deeper understanding of potential energetic imbalances
  • Monitoring of internal energy channels that may be out of harmony
  • Side by side reading comparisons with easy access for later
  • Software that allows your clients to take home reports
  • Identifying rising chi-energy can help you understand what may need to be done to curb energy imbalances and promote aura healing

Still wondering how does aura photography work or how an Aura Camera can enhance your business? Read more below or contact us to have your questions answered and learn more about the options and demos we offer.


Retail Stores

Are you interested in having an aura imaging system at your retail store? Our units may help you bring in new business to your retail location. Whatever aspect of holistic, natural health and understanding your business specializes in can be enhanced through offering aura photos and readings at your store.

How may an aura photography system help your retail location?

  • Offering aura readings may bring new clientele into your store that are looking for this particular service.
  • Aura photography may help you guide your clients on their spiritual path as readings can help you make helpful recommendations for books, crystals, aromatherapy and more based on their aura readings and current state of being.
  • Aura imaging may draw repeat aura business into the store as clients come back month-after-month to be able to see the current state of their chakras and gauge their personal progress.
  • Aura readings may create an additional income stream as you can charge by the session, image or report.

Do you want to know more about how adding an aura camera to your retail experience may benefit your store? Inquire with us about retail options and demos we offer.

Wellness Centers

A variety of general wellness centers use our aura imaging and aura-energy packages to serve their clients.

If you fit into this category, our machines may work well with what you’re offering. You may be able to integrate our equipment into a long-term natural plan for your clients.

Here are a few ways that having an aura camera could benefit you:

    • Offering aura imaging displays chakras and aura balance as a novel tool
    • Check your client’s aura and chakras both before and after sessions
    • See the real-time session readings on the computer for that added wow factor

Are you ready to start talking about enhancing your business with an Aura Camera?

Events and Fairs

From psychic fairs to natural and holistic events, our digital aura camera machines and aura-energy machine packages could be used to generate income. Charge per session or photo – you could quickly earn back the money you’ve spent on a machine and may be able to use the opportunity to get more clients into your practice.

How could you benefit from having an aura imaging camera at your events? Here are just a few ways that aura readings could benefit your next social gathering:

      • Aura cameras could create a buzz at social gatherings, mixers and events
      • May serve as the ultimate ice breaker, especially if paired with a large screen TV so guests can see each others results
      • A way to connect with and get to know people you may not have talked to otherwise as you compare notes and reports on your aura readings
      • Aura cameras can be billed as a “novelty entertainment item” to give people an interesting opening into understanding themselves via aura readings and the alignment of chakras
      • Aura readings may even provide a little extra income at events if you charge per reading, session, or report

Ready to bring a little positive energy, connectivity, and fun to the events you work? Inquire with us about options for events and fairs as well as demos we offer for psychics and natural/holistic events.