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We believe in our products because our clients give us direct, honest feedback. What is aura photography? The right aura machine may give you an in-depth look into human energy like never before – and the latest technology only enhances the experience. With our complete line of aura cameras, you may be able to realize the aura business benefits like never before. Giving clients a closer look at their simulated energy through the power of digital technology may help you earn repeat customers as well as increase your own understanding.
We offer quality polaroid aura cameras and imaging solutions for distinctive aura camera imaging professionals all over the world.


Capture Your Success With Aura Imaging


One of our trained aura consultants can show you how an aura camera can enhance your business or practice. Simply request an online demo (contact us) and see it in action live!


Check out our specialized offerings and packages below. If you’d like, you can contact us to discuss the particulars of your situation and discuss which package would work best for you! We’re always happy to listen to feedback and help you find the best product to suit your aura imaging needs.


IES AuraCloud 3D

Our AuraCloud system doesn’t just give you a full picture of the aura. This system also highlights a model, aura and the chakras in full 3D.

buy aura camera

* Images may differ from actual product.

Aura Video Station 7
Our Pro or Basic packages are here to fit the various client needs you may have.
buy aura camera
* Images may differ from actual product.