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Purple Aura Meaning: Understanding the Purple Aura Meaning & Personality

Purple aura meaning

Storm clouds gathering on the horizon. The plush velvet cloak of a king. The delicate petals of a lavender bush. Purple is a rare color to see in nature. For this very reason, it has long been considered a symbol of royalty or the divine. From deep tones indicating power and mystery, to the pale hues found naturally, this versatile color of a purple aura may mean many things for the people who connect with it.

But first, what exactly is an aura? How can its invisible colors be impacted by your mood or personality?

In short, auras are believed to be an intangible, electromagnetic field that surrounds all living things. This field is often invisible to the eye. However, some people are believed to be able to see them and interpret the aura color meanings. This is a rare gift: many people who wish to discern their aura colors may need the aid of energy technology.

Note: This article is written according to people’s beliefs in metaphysics.

Purple Aura Meaning

Purple aura meaning

Once you’ve discerned your aura colors, you may be surprised to see shades of purple manifesting. Purple’s deep connection with the mystical may indicate that the person with that aura color has some latent psychic abilities. He or she may be connected to the spiritual realm. A purple aura is also associated with sensitivity toward the emotional state and feelings of others.

While not as ephemeral as an indigo aura, purple auras in general are also believed to manifest in visionaries with great leadership potential. These people often stick out from the crowd due to their intense intuition.

Purple Aura Shades

Purple aura meaning

Like so many other aura colors, purple is a vast and ever-shifting category. Within the aura, there are subtle changes in hue and shade. People who possess a purple aura may find some of these variations in their aura at different times:

Dark Purple Aura

Like the dark purple of a storm cloud, a dark purple aura is sometimes connected with negative energy. Some people believe this ominous hue represents a struggle or obstacle a person needs to overcome. People who are fearful about their past or future, or disconnected from their spirituality, may project this color. The way forward with this color is to find balance. People with a purple aura of this shade may find solace in meditation and personal reflection.

Light Purple or Lavender Aura

A light purple or lavender aura is almost the exact opposite of a dark purple aura. This shade carries with it connotations of being a dreamer. It signifies someone with an active imagination and a rich inner life. Overall, light purple is believed to radiate positive energy and represent someone who is deeply connected to higher planes of existence. They may be a little immature due to their constant daydreaming, but this color is generally thought to be a happy one.

Violet Aura

Perhaps the truest purple, a violet aura is sometimes associated with the crown chakra. Deeply spiritual, this shade may be found in religious leaders, artists, and psychics—people who have studied spirituality or are truly in touch with their emotions. The people who manifest this shade may have spent years or decades on their chosen path. They do it not because it is easy or will bring them acclaim, but because it feels right.

Purple Aura Personality

Purple aura meaning

The sensitivity that is believed to be connected to purple auras can be seen as both a blessing and a curse. People with this color aura may find themselves privy to the secret thoughts and feelings of others… for better or for worse. This could manifest as someone who is drawn to other people, wanting to help them during times of distress or pain. However, it can also lead individuals to isolate themselves from others. In these cases, they may be attempting to protect their own well-being and avoid feeling the anguish of those around them.

People with purple auras find various ways of dealing with their increased awareness. Spending time in nature is a popular one. Calming, organic surroundings help these people find solace and relax. Meditating on the slow-growing life around them and the lack of drama or pain makes natural environments a place of peace.

Purple Aura Relationships

The intuition and aloofness of purple energy means that people are often drawn to this color initially. Purple’s intuition and insight tends to draw partners and friends to them. However, these same abilities can make it difficult to maintain long-term friendships and romantic partnerships.

In short, it’s thought that purple auras will generally know more about their partners than their partners do about them. While this can be alluring at first, people crave intimacy and trust in their relationships. That is something the sensitive purple may find hard to give. Powerful intuition can also lead purples to blurt out hard truths about their friends and partners that they might not be ready to hear. This means purples must tread carefully when difficult topics come up.

On the positive side, because people with a purple aura are so tuned into the thoughts and emotions of people around them, disloyalty is rare. Purples never betray the trust of those they love. Instead, they’ll do everything in their power to ensure their happiness and well-being.

Purple Aura Chakra

Just as auras are the general energy field surrounding each person, chakras are believed to be specific points of energy throughout the body. They are each represented by a different color. These may correspond with the colors in a person’s aura.

The chakra associated with a purple aura is the crown chakra, also called Sahasrāra. The crown chakra is the seventh and final chakra in the body, associated with a person’s connection to the divine, spiritual energy of higher planes. A thousand-petaled lotus symbolizes this chakra, indicating its importance in achieving true enlightenment.

If you feel spiritually empowered and enlightened in your life, it could be an indication that your crown chakra is open and in alignment with the purple energy of your aura.

Meditation, yoga, and affirmations are all recommended methods to help you tap into your crown chakra. It may take several tries and a little time, but overall this chakra is believed to be the key to finding personal enlightenment.

For those that have a purple aura, the world is open to them, in more ways than one. How will you choose to use your gifts?