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How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Aura

How to remove negative energy from your aura

Have you ever felt like there was a dark cloud hanging over your head? Maybe you had a bad day at work, or you had a pointless argument with your partner. Either way, something felt off. While you might have tried to brush off the feeling as nothing more than the product of stress, a lack of sleep, or some poorly-chosen words, when it comes to your aura, that dark cloud of negative energy can have a very real impact on your life.

Please note: This article is written according to people’s beliefs in metaphysics.

Some people believe that every living thing in this world has an aura that projects outward into the world. The aura is believed to manifest your thoughts, feelings, and psychic energies in the world, while picking up on the vibrational energy of those around you. When it is healthy, your aura colors are thought to reflect your true self and help you tune in psychically and spiritually to the world. However, like any other part of the body, it is believed that auras can become weak, unhealthy, or ineffective.

A weak aura is believed by some people to be caused by picking up psychic debris and negative energy. This prevents the aura from filtering out these vibrations, supposedly dragging you down into an emotional or spiritual funk that you just can’t shake. If you’ve been feeling down and are looking for ways to rejuvenate your spirit, you can try these techniques at home to remove negative energy from your aura.

Removing Negative Energy with Water

How to remove negative energy from your aura

There’s something about a hot shower or a long soak in the tub that just helps you feel better, even if nothing about your situation has changed. This may be because water is one of the best ways to remove negative energy from your aura and cleanse your spiritual energy. Some people suggest that the movement of water in a shower removes negative ions, while soaking in a bath with sea salt or other herbs is thought to draw out toxins and purify the aura.

In fact, bathing with herbs or salts is sometimes referred to as a Goddess or Psychic bath. You can use many combinations of herbs and salts in this process, and below are some of the most common herbs and their supposed healing qualities.

  • Lavender (buds or essential oil): Promotes calmness and relaxation
  • Himalayan Sea Salt: Detoxifies and restores the aura
  • Sage (dried or essential oil): Protects against psychic attacks and cleanses negative energy
  • Rose (petals or essential oil): Fosters self-love and auric healing, strengthens the aura

If you have access to the ocean, a river, or even a waterfall, try bathing in a natural source of water. Some people believe reaffirming your connection to the nature world is a way to remove negative energy. You can also meditate in the water, envisioning a white light washing over you and cleansing your aura along with your physical body.

Removing Negative Energy with Smudging

If you feel that your aura needs a deeper cleansing than what a bath can offer, smudging may be just the ting to clear the air for you. Smudging is an ancient spiritual practice used in a variety of religious and spiritual traditions. It usually involves lighting a bundle of dried herbs (most of these typically include white sage) or a smudge stick and wafting the smoke around a room or house to clear the energy.

Although smudging is most well known for its use in clearing the energy of a space, it can also easily be applied to your own aura. To start, bundle together your chosen herbs, being mindful to choose herbs that have the healing properties you’re looking for. Some common herbs for smudging include:

  • Palo Santo: Believed to have healing properties and good for cleansing energy
  • Cedar: Increases courage and reduces fearfulness
  • Thyme: Releases negative emotions and helps you move on
  • Myrrh: Good for healing and cleansing

Your chosen bundle should also include white sage, as it is believed to have cleansing properties that are powerful in removing negative energy and keeping these energies at bay.

After you’ve constructed your bundle or smudge stick, carefully light the end of it (similar to an incense burner) and gently waft the smoke around your body. You can have a friend help you with this if you like. Breathe in the healing scents and feel the negativity leave your body.

Aura Healing with Crystals

Aesthetically pleasing and fun to collect, crystals are also believed by some people to have powerful healing and cleansing properties. With the myriad varieties of these gemstones and unique cuts and shapes that enhance their different qualities, crystals are thought to be a versatile solution for removing negative energy from your aura.

Selenite is the go-to crystal for auric healing. It is believed to draw out negative energy and effectively cleanse your aura. One of the most popular techniques for aura cleansing with this stone involves taking a simple selenite wand and waving it across your body, a few inches above the skin. Make downward brushing motions, and when you finish the motion, flick the crystal as though you were shaking off drops of water.

You can also incorporate other crystals into your healing practice through the use of crystal grids. While this may sound fairly complicated, in practice this technique requires you to choose a main crystal as a focal point and place it somewhere on your body you feel in need of healing. Then, add other crystals fanning outward to other parts of your body. As you lay down with the crystal grid spread out, close your eyes and visualize the negative energy flowing out of your body and being purified by the crystals. Some common crystals you may want to use include amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, flourite, and selenite.

Aura Healing Through Nature

How to remove negative energy from your aura

As mentioned above, natural elements like water and air are believed to help cleanse your aura and reconnect you with the earth. These grounding elements provide perspective on your place in the world, and help to balance your aura.

All you have to do to remove negative energy through nature is simply be present in nature. Don’t worry about getting your hands dirty. Sink your toes in the mud or simply take a nap under a tree. Walking in the rain is the natural equivalent of cleansing your aura in the shower, with the added benefit of feeling more connected to nature.

For a more breathtaking cleansing, find somewhere windy and stand with your arms wide open. Let the wind whip through your hair and imagine it blowing away the negative energy.

If you don’t feel up to something quite so dramatic, surround yourself with sunlight. Open the curtains in your room, or better yet, take walk outside and bask in the natural glow. Not only will you feel happier, your aura will thank you.

It’s important to remember that no matter what technique you try, ultimately your aura is unique to you. Only you can sense what it needs, and that means the power to remove negative energy has been in your hands all along. Take your time on the journey, and enjoy the process.