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How to Start & Grow a Successful Aura Photography Business

Aura photography business

Did you know you could make a business out of doing aura photography? Aura imaging technology has come a long way since the early days of Kirlian photography. These days, most anyone can afford an advanced 3D aura camera, which makes starting an aura photography business possible for aspiring small business owners as well as those with existing holistic health businesses who want to expand their service offerings.

Note: This article is written based on some aura camera owners’ opinions and people’s belief in metaphysics.

Starting an Aura Photography Business

To start an aura photography business, you’ll need a few things. The first and most basic one is knowledge about the business you’re starting.

Aura photography business

Learning About Auras

Some people buy aura cameras because they want to make money and not because they really care about others’ happiness and well-beingplease don’t be one of those people. If you’re using the camera for entertainment at fairs and festivals, that’s cool, but you should still do your homework so you can answer people’s questions about this field.

If you are a spiritual practitioner, hopefully you have already taken it upon yourself to become an expert in your field. You may be able to learn even more about auras by educating yourself about the history of Qi-energy practices, chakra beliefs, Hindu spirituality, and other spiritual traditions.

Whatever your intent, please know that the aura camera itself is just a tool. It can’t solve a customer’s problems, but it may be able to help you shed light on them.

What are auras

Purchasing Aura Camera Equipment

The aura imaging camera that we offer is, on the most basic level, a human-computer interface system that uses both hardware and software to create a digital representation of an aura. Using a camera and hand sensor, which are both included in the product package, data is converted into a visual image of a client’s aura with our proprietary algorithms. The software is also included with the camera. We invite you to contact us for a demo and/or check out our instructional videos on YouTube.

Practicing with Your Aura Camera

Once you have your aura camera, it’s time to do a few test shots. Although our camera is the most user-friendly aura technology on the market, it’s still technology. Get a friend or family member to sit in front of the camera with you and help you practice using it.

The process is super simple:

Step 1: Ask the person to stand in front of the aura camera.

Step 2: Guide the person to rest his or her hand on the metal plate of the hand sensor.

Step 3: The computer renders the information collected from the camera and the sensor in a multicolored aura and chakra display that moves and changes in real time!

With our software, you then have the option of sending your clients home with one or more of the following:

  • Aura photos: image(s) of the person’s head and upper half of the body surrounded by a colorful aura
  • An analysis image: a full-body silhouette of the person, created by the software, displaying a radiant human as well as a visualization of the state of their chakras.
  • A set of charts that displays information about the aura
  • A reference sheet to help you and the client understand and interpret the charts

Before you start offering the aura photography service, you should answer a few important questions for yourself in advance:

Which information do you want to send clients home with?

How exactly will you incorporate aura photography into your business? For example, will you show clients a before-and-after image of their aura after a balancing or healing practice? Will you simply use it as a helpful visual aid in an aura readings as you educate clients about auras?

Will you travel with your aura camera? What opportunities are available for you to set up an aura photography station at home, in your store, or on the road?

aura photography business

Growing an Aura Photography Business

Fortunately, growing an aura photography business is not too different from starting and growing a successful business in any industry. More than anything, what it takes it determination and the ability to not give up. Be scrappy: If there’s something you can do by yourself, do it, and save the splurging for the important stuff. Don’t be afraid to tap your personal network to help you get off the ground. Seek advice from experienced people.

Marketing Your Business

You can use a variety of inexpensive strategies to market your business. Use social media to spread the word. Join social media groups where you can talk about your art and share what you do. Encourage satisfied customers to refer others (perhaps for a discount they themselves can take advantage of on their next visit). Encourage them to leave Yelp reviews, too, especially if you’ve got a brick-and-mortar location. Seek out holistic expos, festivals, and fairs where you can show up, demonstrate aura photography, and gain exposure. Here’s one of many helpful lists that can be found around the Web.

Finally, you may want to consider joining a holistic chamber of commerce to network with other holistic business owners and learn more about how they market their own businesses.

Differentiating Your Business

It’s true that just about anyone can buy and aura camera and start an aura photography business. How do you set yourself apart? Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Don’t be afraid to brainstorm!

  • Write your own e-book or create printed materials to educate people about auras
  • Pair your aura photography with specific product recommendations for oils, stones, etc.
  • Create a YouTube series answering frequently asked questions
  • Organize events and gatherings that bring together multiple small businesses in the holistic space

Happy photographing!