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Top Mistakes Made Reading Energy Aura

reading aura

This article is written from the belief of some aura readers and people that believe in metaphysics.

How Do You Read Auras?

Aura reading requires dedication, skill and concentration. It’s a deeply spiritual practice so if you don’t focus well, you might make a mistake and give your client a faulty reading. If you really want to help people and be successful in this profession, you may need to avoid common mistakes made by most beginners when they start out reading auras. It is also important the beginner aura readers don’t make the mistake of believing in 3 common aura myths. Some of these mistakes are mentioned below.

  • Ignoring your Spiritual Side- As we mentioned in the introduction, aura reading is a very spiritual practice and if you ignore this aspect, you may not be able to succeed at aura reading. You need to be connected with your inner self and your internal energy to be a successful aura reader. You can achieve a strong connection with your spiritual side by meditating and spending some time focusing your attention inward. This will help to sharpen your instinct and your aura reading skills.
  • Not Cultivating Positive Energy – Energy tends to transfer and have an impact on aura reading. If you’re a positive person in general, you can calm your clients and soothe their aura while you perform a reading. But if you’re not a positive person and have a lot of negative energy with you, your reading could be compromised. You need to focus on maintaining positive energy by making the right health and lifestyle changes.
  • Making no Effort to Understand Auras – Just reading a few articles online doesn’t make you an aura reader. You need to feel and understand what each color represents. The people that are the best at reading someone’s aura spend months perfecting their craft. They understand what every aura color means.

They also understand the different interpretations of the colors. You can be a successful aura reader after you have comprehensive knowledge about the aura colors. If you don’t, you may make mistakes and give your clients faulty readings. This is a common occurrence if you use an aura reading camera and have trouble maintaining your aura machine.

  • Making no Effort to Understand Your Skills – Some people see auras with stark clarity and vividness but such aura readers are rare. Many professionals in this field see an aura after they stop focusing on their vision and just let the eye catch the colors. This is often called a blurry vision.

Experts recommend that you try focusing on your third-eye and this will allow you to see auras more clearly. You need to spend time and effort to understand and acclimatize to the power of your vision. If you don’t do this, you may never get a clear look at the auras.

  • Forgoing Practice – Practice makes perfect. If you do not flex your aura reading muscles regularly you won’t be able to hone your skills. All you need to do is ask your friends if you can read their auras. Most of them might allow you to, even if they don’t believe in aura reading. If you practice regularly, you’ll notice that auras appear brighter and your ability to read them is sharper. You can’t achieve that without practice.

If you avoid these mistakes, you are on your way to reading auras well and help people in need. You just need to do is believe in yourself and your craft.