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Understanding Kundalini

This article is written according to people’s belief in metaphysics. We know that Kundalini energy is present in all of us. For some, exploring the aura and the chakras are a direct result of a Kundalini awakening-meaning, an experience which may have made a client completely aware of his or her inner-self and your spiritual body. There are a variety of ways to explore a Kundalini awakening. One could be a traumatic or changing life event which transforms you or a client spiritually. The best way to help a client experience a Kundalini awakening is to arm him or her with the knowledge of what one might feel like, then encourage clients toward directly performing activities that allow them to experience the awakening at their own individual pace.

Understanding the Aura and Subtle Body

The first step helping a client through an intense Kundalini awakening is to help them understand the auras and chakras. Knowing the energy sources within the etheric body and exploring any potential blocks can help clients get rid of anything that stands in their way. As your client’s trusted energy practitioner, you might want to consider using aura imaging as part of your practice. Helping clients visualize simulations of their aura and chakra blockages and progress over time can help prepare them for a┬átransition. Yoga or meditation are often excellent ways to help clients familiarize themselves with the types of energy they’re experiencing – by encouraging them to look within. Consider adding aura imaging to your offerings and talk to clients about how energy changes – including Kundalini awakenings – may affect them over time.