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What Does the Color of Your Aura Say About You?

Yellow aura color meaning

Auras are believed to be intangible energy fields that surround every person. Their flow is thought to be a reflection of your life force. Their colors are associated with different personality traits, dispositions, and walks of life. While it’s generally believed that auras contain a multitude of colors and layers, one aura color is often most prominent.

When interpreting aura colors, we refer to the most longstanding ancient traditions, especially chakra theory. Keep reading for insight into what your aura color says about you!

Note: This article is written according to metaphysical thought.

Red Aura Color

Red aura meaning

Power, passion and strength are the distinguishing traits associated with a red aura. A person with red energy may be especially competitive. He or she probably values living in the moment, always seeking adventure. Don’t mistake that for impulsivity, thought: people with red auras are deeply grounded and connected to physical reality. In romance, they are very physical beings. In business, they pursue their dreams and goals with relentless, single-minded determination.

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Orange Aura Color

Orange aura meaning

People with orange auras live life in the super-fast lane. They seek thrills and adrenaline. Their enthusiasm and zest for life is almost childlike, and it’s refreshing and exciting to be in their presence. These people are also likely to be open to new experiences, rarely letting risk aversion keep them away from their interests. They make confident leaders and superb public speakers. In relationships, they relish the thrill of the chase, and so they sometimes need help staying committed. Entrepreneurs will often radiate this color, as it embodies their high-risk-high-reward mentality.

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Yellow Aura Color

Yellow aura meaning

“If you’re laughing, you’re winning” is a mantra that many people with yellow auras would wholeheartedly embrace. These easygoing, good-humored people bring laughter and delight everywhere they go. They thrive on freedom and optimism. They also have a unique advantage when it comes to detaching themselves from the physical world and choosing to be carefree. Creative and nurturing, yellows can sometimes care a little too much and spiral into excessive perfectionism. However, because of their high standards for themselves, they are likely to find deep satisfaction in life.

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Green Aura Color

Green aura meaning

Green is the color of healing. It is also the color of bonding and togetherness. Doctors, nurses, therapists, and people who work for the greater good often manifest this aura color. Tied to the heart chakra, green signals an open-hearted person who lives to give. These people are both generous and protective: friends, family members and partners should expect them to be very loving, but also possessive. Their tendency to want to step in to help and heal can sometimes seem overbearing, but it’s never intended that way. People with green auras also tend to retreat into nature in search of spiritual renewal.

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Blue Aura Color

Blue aura meaning

Like a slowly breaking wave or the endless sky above a mountaintop, the color blue envelops us in serenity and calm. It is a stabilizing energy associated with sensitivity, depth, and intelligence. People with blue auras exude wisdom. They are clear-headed in stressful situations, and they seek to make peace. One downside is that they tend to overwork themselves to the point of exhaustion. They can also be excessively empathetic and lose themselves in the process of helping others.

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Indigo Aura Color

Indigo aura color meaning

‘Indigo children’ have become part of our shared cultural awareness, and songs, films, and other works of art are often created about them. However, children aren’t the only ones who may have an indigo aura color. Children with indigo auras are wise beyond their years. They grow up into adults who are highly perceptive, sensitive and intuitive. They sometimes seem mysterious to the people around them. However, indigos are simply in tune with their own moral compass. They won’t obey authorities that conflict with what they believe is right. If you give them enough space and slow down to listen to them, they will reveal much wisdom to you.

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Purple Aura Color

Purple aura meaning

Associated with the resplendent crown chakra, a purple aura, along with indigo, is associated with higher planes of spiritual existence. Purple auras have an uncanny gift for seeming to read your mind. This might be appealing at first, but some people feel exposed and vulnerable in the presence of people with such penetrating intuition. However, those fears can be comforted with the knowledge that purples are extremely loyal. Bound to their values, purples will show courage when it counts and stand up for struggling people. Releasing stress can be hard for them. Purples benefit greatly from spending time in nature and the fresh air as well as meditating.

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