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What is the Difference Between Auras and Chakras?

This article is written according to metaphysical thought. Each and every person holds within himself (or herself) an incredible and intangible energy. This energy is known by different names in different cultures–the soul, the spirit, the life-force, prana, etc. Whatever you may choose to call it, this energy animates our bodies and provides the wonderful gifts of life and consciousness!

As human curiosity and ingenuity progress, the discoveries that have been made are astounding. So much is now understood about the way the world and the universe function! Despite all of these advances, however, you may notice that we have yet to discover the secret to life and consciousness.   How is it that inanimate matter became animated? Many spiritualists would argue that this secret cannot be explained by science because the life force is a non-physical energy, and science functions through observation of the physical world.

How does this non-physical energy animate our physical bodies? This is where chakras come into the equation. Chakras are energy centers that exist within the body, channeling life force through us. Each and every chakra provides us with a specific interpretation of energy–for example, some chakras provide us with humor, some with confidence, some with spiritual insight, etc.

When you feel happy, relaxed, and well-balanced, it usually means that your chakras are channeling energy freely. When you feel sad, stressed, or imbalanced, your chakras may be “blocked.” The health of your chakras oftentimes reflects your own energetic well-being. If you hold anger and negative feelings in your heart, for example, your chakras can become blocked. (Which, in turn, could very easily cause a negative feedback loop leading to even more negative feelings.)

Of course, both positive and negative feelings alike tend to radiate outward. Not even the most stoic people are capable of keeping all of their feelings inside! Feelings manifest themselves in many physical ways (i.e. a frown, a scowl, tears, etc.) Additionally, these feelings manifest themselves in intangible, non-physical ways. Living life with gratitude is a great way to live and create positivity in your world!