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Yellow Aura Meaning: Understanding the Yellow Aura Meaning & Personality

Yellow aura meaning

Like chakras, auras are understood to be connected to a person’s energy, but they don’t function the same way as the chakra system. This guide to understanding the difference between auras and chakras is a good place to start if you want to learn more before diving into this exploration of yellow auras.

What exactly is an aura?

It is believed by some people that every living person is surrounded by an intangible energy field called an aura. Auras are typically believed to be invisible to the naked eye, but some people are thought to be able to perceive them. Those without this ability may sometimes use an aura photography camera to aid in their attempts at reading auras.

While auras are usually invisible, when they are perceived, they are often described as a shifting rainbow of colors, with different meanings associated with different colors. Following this guide to aura colors is a good way to understand how the colors relate to one another. When certain colors are more dominant, they may indicate that the person to whom the aura belongs has particular personality trait or is experiencing a certain emotion.

Note: This article was written according to people’s beliefs in metaphysics.

Yellow Aura Meaning

Yellow aura meaning

There’s a reason yellow is the color of sunshine. Often associated with joy and freedom, yellow auras are considered to be indicators of lightheartedness and a fun-loving nature.

Of all the possible colors in an aura, none is more joyful than yellow energy. The meaning of yellow energy is often associated with freedom, joy, intelligence and spiritual enlightenment. People with above-average intelligence may have a primarily yellow aura. Likewise, someone who is a free spirit or doesn’t like to hold grudges may exhibit yellow energy.

Yellow Aura Shades

While most often seen as an unwaveringly positive color, like any aura personality, the shades and hues of the yellow aura may vary from person to person. These fluctuations are most often connected with different stages in life or various struggles a person may be experiencing.

Yellow aura meaning

Light Yellow Aura

A light yellow aura is connected with new beginnings, new awakenings, or the start of a spiritual journey. It is considered by some people to be a fragile, delicate shade, much like a newborn baby. This color will be nurtured as the person with this energy grows through new experiences. A person who is producing a light yellow aura may be starting a new phase of life or opening up to new experiences. Like the first rays of sunrise, light yellow is full of hope and possibilities.

Bright Yellow Aura

While light yellow energy is generally seen as optimistic, bright yellow can be associated with inner conflict or struggles. Similar to a bright yellow lemon, a person with this color in their aura may be feeling a little sour or be struggling with their mental health. Someone who refuses to deal with the root of their problems and instead gets bogged down by anxiety or depression may project this color in their aura. Remedies for negative energy and internal conflict of this color include meditation or finding time to enjoy nature.

Golden Yellow Aura

People with a golden yellow aura are considered by some to be “as good as gold.” Great leaders, enlightened teachers and effective healers are believed to project golden auras. This color is associated with personal power, wisdom, generosity and spiritual enlightenment, especially when detected in a halo around the head. Spiritual enlightenment is connected to golden auras, and it is typically interpreted as a positive color.

There are several strategies for connecting with your own golden yellow aura, including:

  • Drink herbal tea or ginger ale
  • Wear yellow
  • Wear gold jewelry
  • Surround yourself with yellow flowers, like buttercups


Yellow Aura Personality

Overall, the yellow aura personality is seen as positive, joyful, and full of energy, particular to people who want to laugh and enjoy life. These people are characterized by their internal joy and often have non-attachment to the world around them. This can free them from petty disputes and worries, but it can also seem to others that yellow personalities are flighty or uncommitted.

Yellow aura meaning

Since generous people are sometimes believed to have a yellow aura, they can ground themselves and create a more stable joy by giving to others and forming attachments to people. Yellow energy can come across as childish to friends and families, but these people’s intelligence and optimism can make them great additions to your life. The key to finding friendship with a yellow aura is understanding that yellow energy thrives on freedom and optimism. People with a negative or overly dramatic outlook may find it difficult to maintain a relationship with the easygoing yellow energy.

Natural innovators and hard workers, people with a yellow aura can often put their high intelligence and logic to good use in the workplace. However, they need to be aware that their desire for perfectionism and tendency toward self-sacrifice could cause more harm than good.

Yellow Aura and Chakras

Like the other aura colors, a yellow aura has a corresponding chakra. The solar plexus chakra, a.k.a. the third chakra or Manipura, is considered by some to be connected to your core energy. A yellow aura is sometimes also associated with an active third-eye chakra, due to a strong connection to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. However, the solar plexus chakra is tied to a person’s confidence, sense of self and overall fulfillment—something with which yellow energy is deeply intertwined. Internal joy and satisfaction in life is a sign that the third chakra and the yellow aura are both active.

Similar to the presence of bright yellow energy, a blocked Manipura could indicate a person is feeling depressed, anxious, bitter or conflicted. Some people have been able to unblock this chakra and soothe their yellow energy with the following methods:

  • Eat yellow foods, like bananas or pineapple
  • Try a physical activity, like bow pose or cobra pose during yoga
  • Meditate outside in the sun
  • Surround yourself with yellow gemstones like citrine

If you think you may have a yellow aura, embrace your intelligent, optimistic nature, and try to spread your free-spirited energy to those around you. Since auras may shift from day to day and moment to moment, be sure to bask in your yellow energy when it manifests for you.