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How to Capture the Best Aura Photograph

This article is written based on people's belief in metaphysics. Aura photos are thought to be an accurate representation of a person’s aura and give you great insight into their personality, their problems, and their general well-being. This allows a skilled aura reader to recommend solutions and give...

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How to Communicate With an Aura Photography Client

This article is being written based on the beliefs of many aura photography system owners and aura readers starting an aura business. When a client walks into your store to get an aura photograph, it’s your job to convince them that it works. Not everyone believes...

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Top Mistakes Made Reading Energy Aura

This article is written from the belief of some aura readers and people that believe in metaphysics. How Do You Read Auras? Aura reading requires dedication, skill and concentration. It’s a deeply spiritual practice so if you don’t focus well, you might make a mistake and give your...

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How to Start an Aura Photography Business

This article is written based on some aura camera owners' opinion and people's belief in metaphysics. Aura photography has been around for a long time but people have only just started to sit up and take notice. While modern people are very practical and don’t believe in...

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How to Prepare Yourself for an Aura Photography Session

This article is written based on people's belief in metaphysics and of some aura camera operators. There are a fair number of naysayers out there that participate in an aura photography session just because they want to prove the professional aura healer wrong. They don’t believe...

Benefits of Aura Photography in Los Angeles

  This article is written based on people's belief in metaphysics. Many people dismiss aura photography in Los Angeles as pseudoscience. They don’t consider it a valid field of study and dismiss its benefits as something that can’t be quantified. It’s hard to convince a skeptic...

How to Take an Aura Photo

This article is written according to metaphysical thought. Many people believe in the existence of an aura. This might be because they understand that they can perceive it to an extent. You might not be able to see it clearly, but one may sense the presence of an aura....