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How to remove negative energy from your aura

How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Aura

Have you ever felt like there was a dark cloud hanging over your head? Maybe you had a bad day at work, or you had a pointless argument with your partner. Either way, something felt off. While you might have tried to brush off the...


The Spiritual Meaning of Colors

The pale yellow of an early sunrise. The vibrant green of new growth. The brilliant orange of the first fall leaves. Color is everywhere in the world, and it’s no surprise that many believe there is a spiritual meaning of colors. While this may sound whimsical...

Chakras and auras

Chakras and Auras Aren’t the Same, but They Work Together

It's a common misconception that chakras and auras are two different names for the same energy. That’s simply not true: chakras and auras are different. That said, they are connected, and they can influence each other. Here's everything you need to know. Please note: This article...

Sun aura photo

Sun Aura Photos and What They Tell Us

In a picture of the sun, we can sometimes see a beautiful, spectacular halo surrounding the star. Many people understand that this sun aura results from the light and energy that the sun emits. The sun creates energy using nuclear fusion. Due to the immense pressure in...

Bad aura

Are Dark Aura Colors Bad?

People are often alarmed when they learn how to read auras and chakras and find that their own aura imaging interpretation shows dark, intense colors. Is an aura with dark hues a "bad aura"? In our own experience, it's a bit more nuanced than that. Note: This...

Aura colors meaning chart

Aura Colors and Their Meanings Chart

After we completed our series on aura colors and personality, a few people said, "You know, it would be really useful if you would put those aura colors and meanings into a chart." So, we did. Here's an infographic that we hope you'll find useful! It...

Yellow aura color meaning

What Does the Color of Your Aura Say About You?

Auras are believed to be intangible energy fields that surround every person. Their flow is thought to be a reflection of your life force. Their colors are associated with different personality traits, dispositions, and walks of life. While it's generally believed that auras contain a...