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Alternative Therapy – A Review of How the Aura Camera can transform your Health Practice

aura camera

As a health practitioner there is nothing as fulfilling as when you get return clients. It is also absolutely thrilling when a new alternative therapy client tells you that someone referred them to your practice. Kirlian technology and aura imaging delivers simply that. This technology captures our emotional-energetic state or aura by measuring, analyzing, and presenting aura information in a pattern that can be read and understood. It is a form of alternative therapy that has been in practice since ancient civilization and still used today. The human aura refers to the energy field that surrounds our bodies and affects our personality traits and characteristics. The advent of Kirlian photography totally transformed the world of health and wellness. It shed a light into the concept of aura and unleashed ways of harnessing this inner power.

As an alternative therapy practitioner you are probably fond of traditional ways of testing and diagnosing various disorders, but did you know that the aura imaging can bring in immense benefits to your practice? Well, aura cameras have been tested and proven to be effective in detecting and treating various emotional energetic blockages. As a leader spearheading the adoption and use of biofeedback technology, Inneractive specializes in the creation of innovative health and wellness technology that enable health practitioners grow and expand their businesses. We work closely with both corporate clients and aura distributors to ensure high quality aura videos and imaging solutions get to your door step.

How Aura Technology Enhances Alternative Therapy Customer Experience

As professionals in the field of health and wellness we truly understand what 100% customer satisfaction means. With our highly sophisticated aura imaging and Kirlian biofeedback technology you can never run short of clients. Our clients see an increase in return customers as well as new referral clients. Here is a guideline on how this is achievable:

  1. First of all, you are able to teach your clients how the aura technology works and how they can test and interpret their own results. Through this you infuse a sense of independence and personal accountability on matters of health and wellness on the clients. This in itself is a plus to your business
  2. You are able to teach your clients how to interpret the various color patterns generated by the Kirlian technology. You can also print and keep a record of the health status of your clients. This facilitates easy future reference. Through this, be sure your clients have to come back for them to monitor their progress.
  3. You train clients on how they can take advantage of the power of their aura or spiritual energy.

The professionals at Inneractive will provide training material for each one of these areas. Here is an overview of these key points;

  1. How Does an Aura Camera Work?

Aura imaging and aura video machines have been designed in a way that they are customer friendly and easy to use. Aura therapy involves a three step process described below:

  • Data capture-this involves the client sitting in front of the camera for his or her image to be captured by the biosensor box.
  • Bio information collection-the biosensor collects biofeedback information that includes skin temperature and the electric conductivity of the body. This data is captured in real-time and relayed to the aura camera which in turn identifies certain emotional-energetic states using this data.
  • Pattern generation and presentation- the aura image is displayed. This is a representation of the body’s energy fields as at that time. The information presented can be printed in various languages for any future use.
  1. The Interpretation of the Aura Patterns

A proper understanding of aura technology can be very beneficial to your practice of alternative therapy. Understanding how to interpret the images will help compliment your client diagnoses. Here are some examples of specific interpretations:

  • Orange-those individuals whose aura is dominated by this color are good-hearted, kind and honest. They are at peace with everyone since they are extremely charming.
  • Green-this color denote a high sense of popularity and command respect from others. They are very successful in business and very wealthy. Furthermore, they value their security, stability and balanced life.
  • Blue-those with blue are rare to find. They are charismatic, extremely eloquent, and motivate others. They make the best writers, politicians, and poets.
  • Red-a red aura denotes personalities who get bored easily and change their interests, projects, and relationships easily. They tend to keep many projects on hold. However, if they commit to a project they always excel. Furthermore, they easily voice their opinion without fear and do not harbour any hidden or ulterior motives.

These are just a few interpretations of some of the colors.  There are many colors combinations giving a wide range of possible readings for the many complex personalities in the world.

  1. Harnessing the Power of Spiritual Energy

Simply understanding the meaning of the aura image is one tool at your fingertips. Another is to help you understand what advice to give your clients with respect to their auras. Alternative therapy experts have identified that matching vibration frequencies with what you wear can generate a state of peace and calm to both mind and soul. To better understand this, here are three techniques that can be used to match our aura with its surroundings:

  1. Match your strong point/dominant colors-once you identify your dominant color in your aura then you can match the clothes your wear or the surroundings with the aura. It has been proven that matching our home with our aura has some positive impacts on our mood and psyche.
  2. Matching the body’s frequency distribution-this normally delivers instant results. It is an ideal natural stimulator however it requires some special apparel such as the chakra shirt.
  3. Matching of thoughts with the environment-what we think about and the way we view the environment can affect our aura. For instance when you wake up in the morning and the surrounding environment is has a clear blue sky, we tend to be refreshed within an instant. On the contrary when the sky is grey you tend to feel melancholic. To better our aura we need to shift our thoughts to things that enhance the bio-energy instead of thinking negatively.

What Diminishes the Aura?

Various factors have a negative effect on our auras. They tend to distort, reduce, or disorient our bio-energy. Some of these factors include the following;

  • Negative thoughts and feelings such as hatred, fear, envy, stress, jealousy, and anxiety affect the aura negatively.
  • Physical afflictions on the body also impact the aura negatively. Factors such as diseases, drugs, and other artificial stimulations tend to block the aura. This effect is similar to what happens to your body temperature when sick. If such a crisis happens you should have a better understanding on how to diagnose it. With our aura machines it is easy to read and interpret these imbalances.
  • Clothes and environmental clash with the aura-this is a common aura depressant. For instance, when you are clad on dull clothes you tend to diminish the bio-energy instead of boosting it. Bright clothes on the other hand enhance our bio-energy. If at all you desire to maintain a lively and energetic character, then it helps to take this into serious consideration.

Who Can Benefit from the Aura Technology?

Our high-tech gadgets have been designed in easy to use and customer-friendly designs. Retailers, health and wellness practitioners, and events and fair organizers will find aura imaging and Kirlian biofeedback technology useful. These benefits include:

  1. They are able get real-time information about the human bio-energy and therefore can easily understand and diagnose some problems.
  2. The aura technology affords you the ability to measure body calmness and in case of any stress-related issues so you can easily identify and treat them.
  3. The aura video station and aura imaging therapy technology give detailed information about the clients and this means that the practitioner is able to analyze matters deeply and come up with ideal solutions.
  4. The aura machines facilitate printing of client data and information and this means that the info can be stored for future use. This will be essential for comparison purposes later on. The clients are also able to see their progress and appreciate your work as an alternative therapist.

Why choose our Aura Machines?

At Inneractive we only offer the best machines with no compromise on quality. The machines are also easy to use and are customer friendly. Furthermore, they give real-time results. If you are a retail store owner, events and fair organizer, or an alternative health practitioner you will benefit immensely from investing in aura imaging biofeedback machines. They generate regular cash flow such that they pay back on the initial investment cost within a very short time. You can check our client reviews on the website so as to better understand how beneficial and effective these machines are.