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Gold Aura Meaning: Everything You Need to Know About Yellow-Gold Auras

Gold aura

If you’ve spent time observing auras, you may have been fortunate enough to encounter the somewhat rare yellowish-gold aura color. What does a gold aura mean? It means a lot! Let’s dive in.

Note: This article is written according to metaphysical beliefs. 

Who has a gold aura?

The wise older woman who, even in the autumn of her years, is surrounded by seekers of spiritual guidance. The selfless young doctor who travels across the world to heal those in need. The devout, soft-spoken monk. The deeply faithful singer, whose music is an offering to the source. Different people from many walks of life may have gold auras, but they have something important in common: spiritual attunement.

A gold aura may mark a person who has unleashed his or her spiritual power. According to many spiritual people, it signals a strong spiritual foundation and relationship with the sublime. These people’s chi-energy or spiritual vibration is often felt even when it is not seen. They are carriers of deep wisdom and an amazingly contagious inner peace. They really exude goodness.

They’re not living just because they were born: They know what they were born to do, and they know how they’re going to do it.

Do these people always have a gold aura, all the time?

Gold aura

Not necessarily. While some individuals are continuously surrounded by golden light, many people’s auras shift and change, occasionally, becoming gold. Having a gold aura may suggest that you’re feeling inspired, revitalized, or illuminated. If you see a gold aura around yourself but you don’t normally have one, pay attention. You may be closer to the universe than you’ve ever been before.

A gold aura may also radiate from someone who is at peak health, full of vital energy. Someone who is truly living life to the fullest may be producing gold energy without even knowing it.

Gold aura personality

Personality traits associated with the gold aura color include integrity, respectfulness, self-discipline, understanding, and mindfulness. People with gold auras also have notoriously huge hearts. They are compassionate and eager to help. They sustain this attitude because they see the best in people. They genuinely want everyone to be happy and are (enviably!) free from envy.

Gold aura

Make no mistake: The gold aura personality is not self-righteous or overbearing. “Virtue signalling” is not part of the gold aura DNA. These people are legitimately virtuous and are gifted with great purity of spirit. They are self-sacrificing and seem to be endlessly considerate and kind.

There are tradeoffs for everything, of course. Every light casts a shadow. Gold aura personalities suffer from a debilitating kind of perfectionism. It’s important for their friends and loved ones to understand the real danger of this. Despite their wisdom, gold aura people will totally exhaust themselves. They do this because they feel compelled to provide. Gold aura people sometimes feel that there’s nothing they can’t handle, and so they overextend themselves far beyond their physical and mental limits. From that “rock bottom” point, the healing process can be long and hard.

Loved ones should remind them that taking self-care time isn’t weak or cowardly. We must each treat ourselves like someone we love.

Even though they require special “care and feeding,” being around a gold aura personality is worth it. In their presence, you feel like anything is possible. You feel motivated. You feel powerful. You feel like you’re living with purpose. You feel confident and secure. These are the benefits of having a gold aura in the room.

Finally, we should mention creativity. Whether it’s painting, dance, music, or something else, enthusiastic expression is important to gold aura people. Interestingly, they tend to see their creations as offerings to a higher power. As a result, they’re able to express themselves boldly, without shame or ego.

Gold aura jobs and careers

Gold aura

People with gold auras understand that money is a tool for growth. Nothing more. So, they make enough to be happy. They rarely seek more wealth than they need. That’s because they have the wisdom to know the difference between “need” and “want.” They understand that desire often leads to suffering. They also understand that there’s no end to desire. Once one desire is met, another one springs up.

As a result, people with a gold aura tend toward a modest way of living. They don’t get too stressed out about money. They are willing to work hard to support their loved ones, but they have little interest in overpriced luxuries.

Leadership is a common thread in gold aura careers and jobs. Clergy is an obvious one. However, teachers, managers, business owners, and other leaders have gold auras, too. In any job, people with gold auras are generous and compassionate. They are understanding and patient, nurturing their colleagues. They know life is too short to get angry about small things.

At times, gold auras struggle with separating their emotions from their work. This can be draining. They sometimes need help making sure their emotions don’t take control of them. This is why their relationships are so important to them.

Gold aura relationships

gold aura

In love, gold auras are romantic. They’re eager to show their love to the world and to celebrate it. They don’t care who’s watching and they don’t care about being judged. They want to radiate and spread their love, and they do.

They also open up quickly and completely to their partners. In doing so they become quite vulnerable. Fortunately, they have a knack for picking kind and warm partners who don’t take advantage of them.

The other side of the coin is over-protectiveness. Although they’re well-meaning, this over-protectiveness sometimes causes gold aura people to “smother” their partners. If your partner has a gold aura, the best way to navigate this potential pitfall is to keep them updated. If you go away on a trip by yourself, they will worry about you. A lot. Be sensitive to that by checking in with them so they know you’re okay.

Gold aura balancing

Gold aura balancing is essential. If you have a gold aura, you are connected to your spirituality and to the vibrations of the universe. You must reconnect regularly to maintain your sanity.

Sunlight meditation

The practice of sunlight meditation is good for balancing a gold aura. Start by imagining a golden sphere above your head. Envision bright golden light pouring down on you from the sphere. Bask in that light, and imagine yourself inhaling it. When you exhale, imagine yourself breathing out dark air containing your unease and sickness. Imagine that the dark air quickly dissolves and disappears into the golden light. Again, inhale golden light again, and exhale dark air. Take your time doing this. It is a powerful way to cleanse, purify and heal your aura.

Water meditation

Water is a great tool for people of any aura color. Our favorite water meditation is actually done while taking a shower.

Start by standing and relaxing as much as possible under the running water. Close your eyes. Instead of shower water, imagine you are being showered by a wonderful, clear waterfall in a bright natural setting. Imagine this crystalline water glinting playfully in the sunlight.

Focus on the reality of the water. Really feel it. It’s not only on your head, back, and shoulders. It’s also coming down your arms and between your fingers and toes. Be keenly aware of the drops of water as they carry all the negativity from the day off your body and down to the ground.

As the water flows away from your feet into the drain, imagine your negative energy going with it. The gloom and stress that pile on day to day are going down the drain. At the end of this meditation, all that’s left is the positive energy that was in you all along.