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Biofeedback & Energy Technology


Understanding Biofeedback

Everyone has an intensely sensitive network of electrical channels moving along the body’s surface. Every human has these channels. Biofeedback is the information collected from an individual’s overall electrical activity. This information is used to create a profile analysis that is unique to every person. The included data allows users to understand the inner workings of their bodies as well as the way psycho-psychological phenomena are involved in the overall concept of well-being.

The internal communications of the body via synaptic nerve connections influence and determine the physical and mental states of an individual. Using today’s technology, biofeedback science can help in understanding our physical bodies as well as assist us in achieving a state of happiness and balance.

Innovating with Biofeedback

Biofeedback is not necessarily a new technique for determining a person’s emotional and mental state. Its application to digital energetics is fairly groundbreaking for the natural health and wellness industries, however. We are proud to have created a system which is unique and can be used as a multi-media driven natural health tool for clients.

Our unique aura imaging systems use a proprietary hand biosensor to compute an individuals temperature and electro-dermal details. This data is processed and then shown on screen. The patent software in the system creates aura images as a way of depicting a person’s overall well-being and health. The included graphs and images show several characteristics of a person’s mental, emotional, and physical energetic health. This information can provide solutions and data to be monitored over time, with the result of building a deeper understanding of a client’s progress.


Understanding Energy Technology

Visually understanding the metaphysical state of the body can add to the healing experience and efficiency of treatments for your clients. The imaging systems we sell are actual biofeedback devices – they transform an individual’s aura into a print or digital reading based on human energy. This can be extremely effective for validating aura data visually – specifically, chakra and aura changes for those who aren’t able to visually see energy channels.

By using our devices, you’ll be able to visually validate information that is profound and tracks the nature of healing sessions over time. Both real-time and dynamic programs offer intense insight into the health and strength of auras and chakras.

Aura machines can benefit you and your client and display useful, easily interpreted data you can both keep track of over time. Find out more about How It Works and learn how to develop a deeper relationship with your clients.